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New DMR Weapon with Bipod Coming to PUBG

Published: 15/Jul/2018 22:33 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 18:19

by Vincent Genova


PUBG teased a brand new DMR today for the smaller, faster-paced map, Sanhok.

It is set to replace the Mini-14 when released later this month and will only be available on Sanhok. It shares most stats exactly with the Mini, but has two major and very distinct differences.

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The QBU has slightly higher damage than its predecessor, but shares one key similarity to other crate only weapons, it has a front bipod.

When prone, the new DMR will have significantly less recoil, which could set it up to be a fan favorite amongst players upon release.

When standing up and firing rapidly, the QBU will have significant recoil and the developers suggests going prone whenever possible.

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It does have lower damage values compared to the SKS, Mini-14 and other snipers, but makes up for it with the highest initial bullet velocity seen in a marksman rifle, which caters it to mid and long-range battles.

The QBU will not have slots for grip or stock attachments, so improved recoil control will be dependent on going prone.

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A date has not been given for the release of the weapon, however PUBG Corp stated it will be coming soon.

The Sanhok map released on June 22nd for PC and it the smallest to date for PUBG. An official date has not been revealed for Sanhok on console, though it has a release window of July and August.