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Insane Moment Shroud Gets Swarmed by Streamsnipers in PUBG and Causes a 15 Kill Massacre

Published: 24/May/2018 13:29 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 15:39

by Calum Patterson


For the top streamers on Twitch playing Battle Royale games, the issue of ‘stream snipers’ can be a real pain, but after years of experience Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has clearly gotten used to it.

If unfamiliar, the term ‘stream snipers’ relates really only to large streamers, who of course have so many people watching them land in a certain spot in a BR game that some of these viewers will attempt to land close by and take them out.

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For Shroud, who since retiring from professional CS:GO has become one of the largest battle royale streamers on Twitch and regularly attracts tens of thousands of viewers, stream snipers are a daily issue.


However, we don’t think we have ever seen an instance of stream snipers quite as bad as this.

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Playing a solo game, meaning every man or woman for themselves, the stream sniping problem is made worse by the number of people simply surfing games hoping to drop into Shroud’s lobby.

And a swarm of players seemed to manage it on this occasion, all of them blasting loud music or shouting down their microphones, meanwhile Shroud proceeded to pick them off with a shotgun.

Racking up 15 kills in the mayhem, Shroud even looked a little surprised by what was going on, despite stream snipers being a regular occurrence for him, this was certainly worse than usual.


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And it doesn’t stop there, as the swarms of enemies continue to show up in vehicles blaring music. Some of these players may have just shown up to see what all the fuss was about by this point.

The only solution often to these pesky stream snipers is to apply a significant delay to streams, which often broadcasters would rather not, as it spoils their interaction with viewers.

You can watch Shroud streaming almost daily on his Twitch Channel, and keep up to date with him via his Twitter.