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Dr DisRespect Threatens PUBG Devs with Demand or He’ll Never Play Again

Published: 27/May/2018 19:01 Updated: 10/Oct/2020 17:02

by Calum Patterson


Top PUBG streamer Dr DisRespect has handed developers Bluehole entertainment an ultimatum after becoming increasingly frustrated with the battle royale game.

PUBG has been the Doc’s game of choice since its release, but he has endured somewhat of a love-hate relationship with it, often scathing of the servers, glitches and bugs and of course Bluehole, who he has affectionately named ‘Blueballs’.

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And in recent weeks the Doc has been getting more and more heated during streams, complaining about the game and raging more than viewers are used to.

This infamous clip of him smashing his chair is just the latest example in a long line of Dr DisRespect rage moments while playing PUBG, and it looks like he has finally had enough.


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He is also not a keen Fortnite or H1Z1 player, despite dabbling in both, he is clearly struggling to find a battle royale game to really enjoy and stream regularly.

So, as a final ultimatum, he has demanded that developers Bluehole meet his request for a personalized skin, or he is done with the game ‘for good’.

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Knowing the Doc, he’ll be back to playing PUBG in no time, although it wouldn’t be a bad move for Bluehole to meet his demand, given it would undoubtedly be a popular skin.

He also criticized PUBG’s main rival Fortnite for being ‘phony’, so it sounds like there is a market for a new battle royale game to capture the Dr DisRespect’s imagination.