ChocoTaco tests new PUBG bug, accidentally hits shot of a lifetime - Dexerto

ChocoTaco tests new PUBG bug, accidentally hits shot of a lifetime

Published: 18/Jul/2019 11:23 Updated: 21/Jul/2019 2:04

by Paul Cot


Renowned PUBG streamer ChocoTaco pulled off one the most insane kills, accidentally, while testing out a potential bug in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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Streamer ChocoTaco was playing the new version of Erangel in a squads game when, after firing a Kar98k shot, switching to the AKM to try and take out motorcycle, and switching back to the Kar, he realized his gun hadn’t bolted.

Initially he thought this might be a bug where he didn’t need to bolt the Kar after quickswitching between weapons. However, the glitch appeared to actually be that the fan-favorite sniper simply wasn’t bolting automatically.


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Choco needed to aim down sight (ADS) before the gun would bolt, causing the Twitch star to say: “Uh-oh, please fix.”

It was at this exact moment that the magic happened, though. While looking towards Prison in a compound next to Shelters, Choco decided to test the bug one more time. One random Kar shot later and Choco had killed someone 401 meters away!

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It was an astonishingly lucky shot which defies belief, something that Choco’s immediate laughter and scream of “What?!” quickly highlighted. 

One viewer implored Choco to check out the replay to see exactly what happened, a request which was granted. The replay system showed a squad in battle with one solo player remaining from another squad. It was this player who ChocoTaco somehow killed with his random shot.


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In his next game, somebody else asked him whether he would report a player if someone killed him like that, to which Choco responded: “Probably, yeah.”

You’re not alone Choco, a lot of people would have been suspicious over a kill as ridiculous as that!