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YouTuber Daithi De Nogla has instant regret after ruining $600 Pokemon card

Published: 26/Feb/2021 21:48

by Brent Koepp


Popular Irish YouTuber Daithi De Nogla was stunned after he accidentally destroyed a rare Pokemon card worth up to $600. The entertainer mistakenly annihilated the valuable Shining Fates G-Max Charizard live on stream.

Despite making its debut in 1998, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has seen an explosion in popularity and in value. Live platforms such as Twitch have been taken over by the Nintendo hobby in 2021, with creators dropping thousands of dollars to open up booster packs on stream.

However, one YouTuber’s TCG broadcast ended in absolute disaster when they destroyed a Shining Fates pack that happened to have the expansion’s most sought-after collectible inside. The popular creator was left absolutely stunned after a viewer’s donation completely blew up in his face.


Screenshot of Shining Fates Pokemon Cards Charizard.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The rare Shining Fates Charizard card was accidentally destroyed during a livestream

YouTuber ruins Charizard Pokemon card

YouTuber Daithi De Nogla was in the middle of opening the new Shining Fates Pokemon card set when a $50 donation told him to destroy one of his booster packs. “One more pack has to get destroyed. I’ll let you choose!” he told a voice off-camera.

The Irish content creator then bent the pack of cards completely in half and exclaimed “I’m gonna really bend this f**ker. I’m gonna bend them a few times. This guy’s bent to s**t!”

As if that wasn’t brutal enough to watch, he even folded the cards in half the opposite direction.Upon opening the pack, he then discovered the expansion’s rarest card – a  $600 Charizard – was inside, and was now destroyed. “Oh f**k! F***K! Why did you F**KING PICK THIS!? WHY!?” he screamed.


The clip quickly went viral on Twitter, amassing nearly 900k views in just two days. Fans of the RPG and TCG collectors felt the streamer’s pain. “Just say no. If somebody gave you $100 to kick a toddler, would you do it” a shocked user wrote. Popular YouTuber Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken replied “This hurt.” Another tweeted, “This hurt my soul….I know you got donated to do it, but now that card will never be worth the amount it started.”

Screenshot of Pokemon fans reacting to bent Charizard card.

While the clip was painful to watch for any collector, it’s at least a lesson to other streamers to think twice before listening to a viewer or donation.  You never know what can be in a booster pack.


Incredibly this isn’t the first time a rare Pokemon card’s value has been ruined during a live broadcast. In November, a Twitch streamer also suffered a similar fate, destroying a Gigantamax Pikachu by mistake.