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Wild Pokemon Go Haunter glitch makes it a fighting-type with special move

Published: 22/Oct/2021 22:54

by David Purcell


Every single Pokemon in Pokemon Go has its own unique traits and moves to take into battle, but this bug puts Haunter on a whole other level. 

It’s scary season in Niantic’s popular mobile game, with the Season of Mischief having one big, spooky bump in the road – the Halloween Mischief event.

Broken into two parts, the in-game festivities have put a load more ghost-type Pokemon on people’s radars to complete challenges.

One of the ghost-types you will have to hunt down is Haunter, but don’t get too close or it will dominate you.

Pokemon Go Haunter glitch makes it even scarier

pokemon go gengar, yamask and ghastly
Ghost-type Pokemon are running wild in Pokemon Go during the Season of Mischief.

A new Pokemon Go glitch has surfaced in the game and it might be one of the strangest or funniest, the community has ever seen.


If you have ever left a little Castform as your buddy, you might want to think again while the ghosts are appearing.

As seen in a post from user signapple, Haunter can actually grab it by the head.

OH THE HUMANITY from pokemongo

The reason behind this funny screenshot is unknown, but the chances are that it’s a visual bug – a fairly common occurrence, as trainers will be well aware.

A few other fans sent in their condolences for the victim, beneath the post. One said: “Press F to pay respects,” while another added: “The Haunter is going to toss that poor Castform…”

Based on the firm grip it’s got on the smaller Pokemon, there’s a chance Haunter could perform various wrestling moves, from a vice grip to a full-on chokeslam.


How that fits in with the rest of its moveset, however, is up for debate. Not exactly a ghost-type attack.