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Why 2020 actually did Pokemon Go a big favor

Published: 13/Aug/2020 12:49

by Paul Cot


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that 2020 hasn’t been the best year. However, many believe it has actually been very beneficial to Pokemon Go and its future.

Of course, Pokemon Go is a game that largely required you to go outside to get the most out of it. Outside of living in a populated area, trainers need to go out on a walk or take a trip to town in order to find Pokemon.

The same could be said for Legendary Pokemon and Raid Battles whereby rural trainers often didn’t have a gym anywhere near them. Then there was GO Battle League which had a walking requirement to play sets of battles.


When the world changed, Niantic was left in a tough spot. To their credit they handled it brilliantly, reacting quickly and changing Pokemon Go for the good.

Pokemon Go Changes March 2020
Pokemon Company
A lot has changed in Pokemon Go since March 2020.

What did Niantic change?

Since March the following has changed in Pokemon Go:

  • Double the range on gyms and Pokestops
  • 2x Incense duration and increased Incense effectiveness
  • Open 1.5x as many Gifts and hold 2x as many
  • 1/2 egg hatch distance
  • No walking requirement to compete in GO Battle League
  • Remote Raid Pass added to the game
    • Boosted damage for trainers battling remotely
    • Inviting friends to a Raid can be done remotely
    • Increased number of trainers allowed in Raids when battling remotely

Additionally, Community Days have lasted for six hours instead of three.

Don’t revert the changes

The problem Niantic now face is pressure to keep the changes intact. Players from all areas largely agree that the above changes have made Pokemon Go more enjoyable.

“Pokemon Go has changed into a much better game, one I am enjoying a lot more,” WhisperinWarrior shared on Reddit. Comments from the same post all agree which means while it is a mobile game, Pokemon Go is certainly more playable from home.


Niantic did offer some clarity on some of these changes, though. The distance at which you can spin gyms and Pokestops will remain increased.

This is in addition to changes to Gifts remaining the same and, what will come as no surprise, Remote Raids will also remain.

However, for those hoping the walking requirement would be permanently wiped there is some bad news. A post from Niantic stated: “The walking requirement to unlock sets of battles in the GO Battle League will return eventually.”

These clarifications show Niantic are aware of how well they have been received and we can therefore expect many of them to be kept in place. At least there is one silver lining we can take from all of this.