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Where to find Vespiquen and Combee in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Published: 10/Mar/2021 15:00

by James Busby


The process for obtaining Combee and its fully-evolved form, Vespiquen, can be pretty difficult in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. 

You’ll need to catch Combee and evolve it into Vespiquen if you wish to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. However, just like Munchlax and Beldum, Combee has a specific catching method in Diamond and Pearl. In fact, you won’t be able to encounter this honey-loving Pokemon in the wild at all, unless you’re willing to have a little patience.

While the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes may look different in their design, the Pokemon roster and their catching methods will remain unchanged. This means that the requirements for obtaining Combee and Vespiquen will likely be the same.


Whether you just want to catch ‘em all or wish to add Combee and its evolved form to your roster, then you’ll want to come prepared.

How to catch Combee in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Respawn Entertainment
Combee loves to hide in Honey Trees in Diamond and Pearl.

This Bug/Flying-type Pokemon can not be encountered under normal methods. So, before you go wasting any time running around in the Diamond and Pearl’s tall grass, be sure to follow these steps below: 

  1. Load up Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.
  2. Spread Honey on the side of a Honey Tree.
  3. Wait six hours for a Pokemon to appear.
  4. A Pokemon will appear at the Honey Tree, which will be Combee or another species.
  5. Repeat this method until you find one.

Honey Tree locations Diamond & Pearl

Honey trees in pokemon diamond and pearl
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Honey Trees are different from Diamond and Pearl’s regular trees.

Honey Trees house some rare Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl, so it’s integral that you know where they all are. The relatively low spawn rate of some Honey Tree Pokemon can also make utilizing more than one tree essential, especially if you wish to save yourself some time. 


All of Diamond and Pearl’s Honey Trees can be found at the following destinations on the game’s map:

  • Valley Windworks
  • Fuego Ironworks
  • Eterna Forest
  • Floarama Meadow
  • Route 205 North
  • Route 205 South
  • Route 206
  • Route 207
  • Route 208
  • Route 209
  • Route 210 North
  • Route 210 South
  • Route 211 East
  • Route 212 North
  • Route 212 South
  • Route 213
  • Route 214
  • Route 215
  • Route 218
  • Route 221
  • Route 222

How to get Vespiquen in Diamond & Pearl

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Vespiquen evolves from a female Combee.

In order to get a Vespiquen in Diamond and Pearl, you’ll first need to catch a female Combee. Unfortunately, female Combee only have a 12.5% encounter rate, meaning you’ll likely need to rinse and repeat the above catching method. Once you manage to catch a female Combee, simply raise it to level 21.  

As you can see, the evolution process is incredibly easy and should only take a few minutes depending on how far into the game you are.

Now that you know how to add Combee and Vespiquen to your team in Diamond and Pearl, you’ll be ready for the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Remakes. Be sure to check out our Pokemon hub for all the latest Pokemon guides and news.