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Where to find rare Munchlax in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Published: 3/Mar/2021 12:30

by David Purcell


Munchlax can be one of the trickier Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, as it spawns unlike most species in the Sinnoh Region Pokedex. 

Finding the younger evolution of Snorlax can be a difficult task for trainers. If you’re looking to check this one off on your list of Gen 4 Pokemon, you are going to be need a bit of patience.

As fans of the franchise will know, there’s also a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl “faithful” remake in the works, too. While these remastered editions often change minor details, it’s likely that the method to catch one the most elusive species in the Pokedex will remain the same.


So, you will need to follow some specific instructions because this one won’t be running around in the long grass.

How to catch Munchlax in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Munchlax eating pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Munchlax loves to eat in the Pokemon anime, but also in Diamond & Pearl.

The normal-type is not one that will be found just roaming around one of the various Sinnoh Region routes. Actually, it’s nothing like that. You’re going to need to do a few things to get one to appear.

  1. Load up Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.
  2. Spread Honey on the side of a Honey Tree.
  3. Wait six hours for a Pokemon to appear.
  4. A Pokemon will appear at the Honey Tree, which will be Munchlax or another species.
  5. Repeat this method until you find one.

Now, there are a few caveats to the method – and that’s what makes Munchlax such a hard Pokemon to actually catch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Munchlax rarity in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

If you’re pasting that lovely honey all over the Honey Trees in the Sinnoh Region to no avail, there’s a reason for that.


Munchlax has a 1% rarity in-game, meaning it’s practically impossible to find one on your first few times of asking. What’s important, though, is knowing the process of tracking one down. Now that you know, it should make it more of a waiting game rather than something impossible.

The other caveat is that, depending on your Trainer ID, the Munchlax only spawns at four Honey Trees in the entire game – of a possible 21. While there’s a clear path to getting one, there is an element of luck involved as well, on that basis.

Pokemon Honey Tree locations

Honey trees in pokemon diamond and pearl
The Pokemon Company
Honey Trees look like this in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl.

These can be found at the following destinations on the game’s map:


  • Route 205 North
  • Route 205 South
  • Route 206
  • Route 207
  • Route 208
  • Route 209
  • Route 210 North
  • Route 210 South
  • Route 211 East
  • Route 212 North
  • Route 212 South
  • Route 213
  • Route 214
  • Route 215
  • Route 218
  • Route 221
  • Route 222
  • Valley Windworks
  • Fuego Ironworks
  • Eterna Forest
  • Floarama Meadow

Now, we’ve done our part showing you how it’s done, not it is time for you to venture into the Sinnoh Region and find yourself a Munchlax. They’re hard to find, but so are many other monsters in this world. With a bit of patience and a lot of honey to hand, you’ll be fine.