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Where to find Giratina in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Published: 16/Mar/2021 16:55

by James Busby


Giratina is known for its violence and unique ability to travel through the dimensions of the Distortion World. 

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl’s Sinnoh Region is home to plenty of Mythical and Legendary creatures, but one of the most intimidating is Giratina. This ancient Pokemon was banished to the Distortion World after its incredibly violent outbursts. Since then, Giratina has gazed upon the old world. Despite its dark past and imposing appearance, players can catch Giratina and add it to their Dex in both Diamond and Pearl. 

If you wish to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex and net yourself a powerful ‘mon in the process, then you’ll need to know how to catch Giratina. While the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes may look different from the original games, the Pokemon roster and their encounters will remain unchanged. This means that the requirements for obtaining Giratina will likely be the same.


How to catch Giratina in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Giratina Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Giratina can only be found after you have the National Dex.

In order to catch Giratina in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Trainers will need to first beat the Elite Four and get the National Pokedex. After obtaining your newly updated Pokedex, you’ll need to make your way over to Turnback Cave. 

Getting to Turnback Cave can take a while and you’ll first need to ensure you’re stocked up on Pokeballs and have a Pokemon that knows the following moves:

  1. Rock Climb
  2. Rock Smash
  3. Surf

Once you have prepared the above, simply follow all the instructions below in order to catch Giratina: 

Giratina Diamond and Pearl
The Pokemon Company
Giratina can be found in Turnback Cave.
  1. Make your way through Spring Path and follow the route to Sendoff Spring. 
  2. Run through the grass and Climb down the north-facing wall with Rock Climb. 
  3. Enter Turnback Cave.
  4. Keep heading through the northern door, using Rock Smash to break any obstacles.
  5. After passing three pillars, you’ll encounter Giratina.

Just like Regigigas, Giratina is a static encounter and will always be level 70. Giratina can hit incredibly hard, so make sure you save your game before commencing the battle. Once you’re ready to catch Giratina, interact with it and begin the fight. 


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