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What is Illumina in New Pokemon Snap? Lental region phenomenon explained

Published: 4/Mar/2021 23:21 Updated: 5/Mar/2021 7:17

by Meg Bethany Koepp


In New Pokemon Snap, players will team up with Professor Mirror – a scientist dedicated to researching the Lental region – to photograph and find out more about the Illumina phenomenon. But what exactly is it?

Fans were given their first look at Illumina at the end of the release date trailer back in January. After showing off gorgeous locations and revealing more Pokemon that will be in the Nintendo Switch game, the protagonist was confronted by a massive version of Gen II starter Meganium, who emitted a bright glow.

Naturally, this conjured up burning questions for players: Why is it glowing? Is Sword & Shield’s Dynamax feature coming to the Lental region? Will other ‘mon be affected? Here’s everything we know about the phenomenon so far.


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New Pokemon Snap: What is the Illumina phenomenon?

Nintendo has yet to share too many details on how Illumina will work in New Snap, but we do know that researching it alongside Professor Mirror will be one of the game’s main objectives.

According to the developer, players will need to take photographs of ‘mon affected by a “mysterious trend where Pokemon and vegetation have been seen to glow.” How the story will play out the more is discovered about the phenomenon is currently unknown.

In the Presents presentation on February 26, more information about the New Pokemon Snap feature was revealed. Players can throw Illumina Orbs, created by Professor Mirror, at monsters in order to make them glow and perform rare actions.


It is presumed this is tied to photo scoring; the rarer the pose, the higher the points. It appears that the brightening effect will also help budding photographers to take better shots in low-light settings too.

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Further details about the Illumina phenomenon haven’t been revealed at the time of writing, but we will update this hub once more information is released.

New Pokemon Snap is releasing on April 30, 2021, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. For everything we know about the game including features, confirmed monsters, and more, check out our hub here.