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Twitch streamer’s Pokemon card pack opening ends in disaster after Amazon scam

Published: 7/Oct/2021 20:22 Updated: 7/Oct/2021 20:23

by Dylan Horetski


While opening a box of Japanese Eevee Heroes cards, Twitch streamer ‘Dish’ made the harrowing realization she had been scammed by an Amazon seller. 

Ever since Logan Paul kickstarted the latest Pokemon Trading Card trend, content creators all over the world have taken to their platform to open packs of the latest set.

This led creators like Mizkif to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cards, even if it meant they were losing money at times.

While the movement has died down since it started last year, fans of the series have kept opening packs with their community. In the case of Dish and her newly purchased booster box of 30 Eevee Heroes packs, her recent pack opening stream took a turn for the worse.


Pokemon Cards Eevee Heroes expansion
The Pokemon Company
Eevee Heroes in Japan is part of what makes up the English Evolving Skies set.

Dish realizes she’s been scammed

While streaming on October 6, Dish unsealed a brand new box of Japanese Eevee Heroes packs that she had purchased from Amazon.

Seconds after inspecting her first pack and mentioning it looked beautiful, she made a disgusting discovery: “Wait, I’m sorry…the…*gasp*…wait… THEY’RE OPEN!”

With her chat in awe, they attempt to console her by mentioning it could be a manufacturing mistake with either not enough glue or none at all.

“How many cards are in the first pack,” she read from her chat as she grabbed a pack from the box: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Five cards… is that correct?”


A voice from behind her mentions: “Those aren’t Japanese cards,” which made her realize it. She then flips the cards over, realizes they’re energy cards, and puts them down while laughing.

It was at that point that she realized she had been scammed by an Amazon seller, and in fact, did not have anything from the set she was hoping to pull as all 30 packs were open and replaced the same way.