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Trainer shares feature that we all want in Pokemon Go Raid Battles

Published: 7/Aug/2020 3:05

by Paul Cot


The user experience of Pokemon Go’s Raid Battles has improved drastically over the last several months but there are still issues. One trainer has suggested a concept that would remove two of the more annoying ones.

Start the Raid Battle already

We’ve all been there in a one-star Raid Battle where we know it will take mere seconds to destroy the opposing Pokemon. Despite the ease of the battle, we still have to wait the entire 120 seconds before it starts, which, at the very least, is off-putting.

Some trainers may even quit before the Raid even begins, as a result of the wait. Trainers certainly don’t need any backup either. So it begs the question: Why do Niantic enforce the wait? There are perhaps cynical reasons behind this, like increasing how long a player uses the Pokemon Go app for, but hopefully it is simply an oversight.


In the concept shared by GeanM on Reddit, they could add a “GO” button which, as the name suggests, starts the Raid immediately. Adding this may make those lower-tier Raids more popular again because it seems, from where we’re standing, that the hype behind them is at an all time low.

[CONCEPT] “GO” button to start the raid immediately and “+30” button to increase the time of the lobby from r/TheSilphRoad

More time for more trainers

On the other hand, when competing in a five-star Raid Battle, backup in the form of additional trainers joining is certainly welcomed. All too often we’re left far short of the number needed to have any chance of taking down the Legendary Pokemon competing against us.

In fairness to Niantic though, they have recently changed the way to Raid Passes work. Previously a Premium Battle Pass or Remote Raid Pass would be consumed upon entering a Raid lobby.


However, that has now changed. Instead, either of these passes will only be consumed once the Raid actually starts. This means you can show your interest in the Raid Battle by joining, but can leave free of charge if the lobby fails to fill up.

Nevertheless, it can be frustrating to get to four trainers and realize you’re one short just as the timer is finishing. This will result in a wasted Raid Pass or having to leave and start over again – something which other trainers who have joined may not understand.

GeanM, in the same concept, introduces a “+30” button which would add 30 seconds to the Raid timer. This can’t ensure that someone else joins in time, but at least it gives them a chance.


The host of the lobby could even have the ability to press this multiple times. A “+60” may also be more appropriate.

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These are only small changes but ones that all Pokemon Go players would surely welcome with open arms.

Fortunately it looks like Niantic are actively listening to feedback to improve user experience. Let’s hope they’re listening to these, too.