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Some Pokemon Go players can see what’s inside Eggs before they hatch

Published: 28/Sep/2021 20:19

by Brent Koepp


A new Pokemon Go bug is allowing players to see what is inside their Egg before it hatches. Fans of the Niantic mobile title were floored by the bizarre glitch.

Ever since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has seen its fair share of bugs and visual oddities. From Legendary raids crashing after completion to characters stretching across the screen into oblivion – we’ve seen it all.

A viral glitch may be the most useful one to date, as it supposedly allows Trainers to see what they are going to hatch. Players have reported that the helpful bug reveals exactly what is inside their Eggs.


Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Feature
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
One glitch has some Pokemon Go players seeing inside their Eggs.

Pokemon Go bug shows what’s inside Eggs

Although Niantic rolled out a feature in 2021 that shows the pool of Pokemon that could possibly hatch from your Egg, a new bug takes it a step further and possibly shows you what ‘mon is actually awaiting you inside your Incubator.

The glitch was posted on the r/PokemonGo forum when Trainer ‘Azazicc’ created a thread titled “I think I know what I’m gonna hatch from this egg.” The user uploaded an image of their item which had a Darumaka standing through the egg.

Although the image clearly shows the Unova Fire-type, the user admitted that they were still trying to hatch the Egg to verify if Pokemon shown was the actual character sitting inside the item. Other players were floored by the bug.


I think I know what I’m gonna hatch from this egg from pokemongo

“Keep me updated on what it is, it would truly be amazing if it were a darumaka,” a fan of the Niantic title said in reaction to the post. Another Trainer exclaimed, “I’m actually starting to wonder if you’ve actually hatched a Darumaka from that 10k.”

Pokemon Go players react to Egg Glitch on reddit

Interestingly, several players claimed they had encountered the bug before and the Pokemon they received from the egg hatched ended up being completely different from the one shown on screen.

Even if the character inside the Incubator ends up being random, this makes for a pretty hilarious visual glitch. If nothing else, most players would agree that being able to see into their eggs would be pretty incredible.