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Shiny Pokemon appearing more frequently in Pokemon Go?

Published: 18/Apr/2019 14:48 Updated: 18/Apr/2019 15:08

by Paul Cot


Many Pokemon Go trainers are reporting increased shiny encounters since the Bug Out event ended. Just how many more shiny Pokemon are appearing though?

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Shiny odds

It’s one thing to say there are more shiny Pokemon spawning and it’s another running checks to prove it. That’s exactly what BravoDelta32 has done.

The shiny odds in Pokemon Go are believed to be 1 in 450, roughly a 0.2% chance. This is likely to be an accurate estimate as the data behind this claim is quite substantial.

Ho-oh is understandably one of the more sought after shiny Pokemon…
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BravoDelta32 hasn’t gone through the required number of observations to make the data very accurate but has done enough to show that shiny spawns have indeed increased.


Definitely increased

Over 500+ observations, which took place after the Pokemon Go Bug Out event, the following results were found:

Account 1: 112 checks, 2 shinies
Account 2: 127 checks, 2 shinies
Account 3: 178 checks, 4 shinies
Account 4: 56 checks, 1 shiny
Account 5: 85 checks, 0 shiny

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As can be seen these results were obtained from five different accounts which only adds to its credibility.

Furthermore, nine shinies were found which is far more than the one that would have previously been expected. While some Pokemon Go players may put this down to luck, which theoretically is possible, the substantial difference indicates that shinies are almost certainly spawning with more regularity.

Eevee, the most owned shiny in Pokemon Go…

Most common shiny Pokemon?

We can be sure shiny variants are spawning more but which of those Pokemon are owned the most? Reddit user Imshinypokemon has done some analysis to answer that question.


Firstly, the most common shiny Pokemon is Eevee. Given its popularity and the events surrounding it, this is perhaps unsurprising.

The top 10 most owned shiny Pokemon are comprised of the following:

  1. Eevee
  2. Swinub
  3. Treecko
  4. Chikorita
  5. Beldum
  6. Castform
  7. Totodile
  8. Cyndaquil
  9. Larvitar
  10. Squirtle

These results are roughly as expected. Interestingly, the rarest shiny Pokemon include the costume variants of Pichu, Nidorina/Nidoqueen and Lunatone.

These results come from a questionnaire of more than 260 respondents. Consequently, they have a good degree of accuracy.