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Ridiculous Pokemon Sword & Shield glitch makes Snorlax fly across Galar

Published: 29/Dec/2020 21:28 Updated: 29/Dec/2020 21:31

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon community was left in tears of laughter after a randomized run mod for Sword & Shield turned Snorlax into a Flying-type monster instead.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in 2019. While many have beaten the game since its debut last year, some players have turned towards mods to spice up the RPG.

However, one Trainer’s “randomize” run of the Nintendo Switch title was brought to a halt when a giant Snorlax came barreling through the sky at them as a Flying-type ‘mon. The viral clip has left many fans in stitches.


Screenshot from Pokemon Sword & Shield with flying Snorlax.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A viral clip shows the giant Pokemon flying through the air in Sword & Shield.

Pokemon player encounters flying Snorlax in Sword & Shield

For years, players have used mods to help make Pokemon games a little more interesting. “Randomize” runs, for instance, will literally randomize every single monster or Trainer encounter in the game.

For one Gen 8 fan, their playthrough took a bizarre turn when their mod interrupted a Sword & Shield scene by swapping out a flying Eldegoss with a Snorlax.

First posted on December 27 by Twitter user ‘octozeppelin’, the viral clip shows the large monster flying through the sky across the bridge leading into the seaside town of Hulbury.

Players familiar with the iconic moment in the RPG were left in tears of laughter. The user made a follow-up video after one fan asked what the fate was of the flying Snorlax. “I have bad news for you : (” the user replied before attaching a second clip.


Octozeppelin went on to reveal the program they used which led to the moment. “It’s because of a randomizer hack called Rainbow Shield! Every Pokémon in the world is randomized, so I’ve seen a lot of really funny things in the sky that don’t usually belong there,” they said.

While the randomization of the mod could have replaced the flying Eldegoss with any of the 400 Pokemon in the Switch title, the notoriously sleepy giant ‘mon somehow makes the moment all the more hilarious.