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Pre-vote reveals which Pokemon could headline September Community Day

Published: 18/Aug/2020 15:37

by Paul Cot


The next Pokemon Go Community Day will be decided by vote, Niantic has confirmed. It will be between Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer and Porygon.

That vote takes place on August 22 and will be conducted on the official Pokemon Go Twitter page. The poll will remain open for 24 hours.

The Pokemon that receives the most votes will headline the September Community Day. Meanwhile, the Pokemon with the second, will headline the October Community Day. This is the same method as to how Weedle and Gastly were determined in June and July, respectively.

Porygon Vote
It looks like Porygon will win the upcoming Community Day vote…

Results revealed early?

With the vote still a few days away, some trainers haven’t been able to contain their patience. One ‘pre-poll’ was set up on Reddit where a lot of the Pokemon Go community reside.


They were asked which of Caterpie, Charmander, Grimer and Porygon will you be voting for. The answers are surprisingly conclusive.

As of writing, and 12 hours into the poll, Porygon is the overwhelming winner with over 70% of the vote. Charmander comes in a comfortable second with nearly 20%. This leaves Caterpie and Grimer sharing around 10% between them.

Of course this vote is unofficial and has been voted on by trainers that would be considered ‘die-hard’ fans, so it could well change. Nonetheless, the margin of these results suggests Porygon and Charmander will indeed be the next two Pokemon Go Community Day headliners.


Pre-Community Day Vote! (dry run) from r/TheSilphRoad

Twitter the best method?

Previously Rhyhorn, the headliner in February, was voted on by in-game Field Research tasks. Trainers would receive these special tasks and by completing them this would register one vote for that Pokemon.

However, this was of course scrapped in favor of the Twitter poll. While this may seem more simplistic, not everyone agrees.

Some trainers have expressed frustration as they don’t have a Twitter account to cast their vote. It is difficult to get the perfect, most inclusive method, though, and Twitter objectively does seem the best and most efficient way to conduct the vote.