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Pokemon Unite patch nerfs Snorlax & Greninja and players are furious

Published: 17/Aug/2021 19:02

by Brent Koepp


Some Pokemon fans are outraged after TiMi Studios nerfed Snorlax in the August 18 Pokemon Unite patch. Trainers are frustrated with the developer for changing the Kanto Defender while still not addressing Zapdos.

With the August 18 Pokemon Unite balance patch announced, TiMi Studios has now established a pattern of nerfing characters to try to encourage players to use less popular ‘mon and abilities,

Some Trainers became furious when Defender Snorlax and Attacker Greninja became the latest victims of this trend. Fans slammed the developer for focusing on the wrong fixes.

Pokemon Unite Snorlax Yawn Ability
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Snorlax is being nerfed in the August 18th Pokemon Unite Patch.

Pokemon Unite Patch sparks backlash

Ahead of the Pokemon Presents on August 18, TiMi Studios surprised players when they revealed a new balance patch update would be going live on the same day as the digital event.


Some Trainers were stunned however when the Chinese developer revealed that wildly popular Defender Snorlax was getting a major nerf to its often-used Heavy Slam ability.

The decision immediately sparked backlash from the community, as many fans were outraged that the studio keeps making changes to characters instead of Zapdos.

Upset players responded to the announcement, such as one user who exclaimed, “Why Snorlax? WHY? He is a DEFENDER, and you are taking away the necessary tools to DEFEND.”

Another disappointed fan wrote, “What did you do to my Snorlax.” One Trainer even commented, “So…Snorlax is useless now.”

Pokemon Unite players react to patch notes Snorlax nerf

Much of the anger surrounding the August 18 Pokemon Unite patch had to do with TiMi Studios not making any changes to Legendary Zapdos. Players complained that the bird continues to decide entire matches.


“Zapdos untouched once again,” a frustrated player tweeted.  “No Zapdos nerf LOL WHAT A JOKE” a second fan agreed.

Other users claimed no other changes matter unless Zapdos is addressed: “None of these changes matter. The only way to win is by getting the last hit on Big Bird.”

Although players were furious with the Snorlax nerf, not everyone was angry. Some Trainers applauded the update, arguing the sleepy giant is “broken” and is the most overpowered character in the game.

While Greninja’s Water Shuriken got a buff, users who main the Attacker were also upset over Smokescreen getting heavily nerfed. Top-tier Greninja users often use the ability with Surf, making the update a downgrade.