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Pokemon Unite gave Blissey a god-mode bug and players are confused

Published: 24/Aug/2021 23:15

by Alan Bernal


Pokemon Unite’s latest character, Blissey, has presented a learning curve for people playing against it but a strange ‘godmode’-like bug makes it a nightmare to go up against.

In its short lifespan, Pokemon Unite has introduced a solid MOBA to Nintendo Switch audiences that’s fun to play and even more addicting that most would like to admit. With Unite’s mobile launch on the way soon, the player base is only going to get stronger.

That’s a good thing too since Unite has a ton of Pokemon that players can choose from, with plenty more expected to come through the pipeline in 2021 like Sylveon.


With that being said, not every update comes to the game as pristine as we would hope. New patches have given way to strange bugs and Blissey brought its fair share to the game.

Is this a person hacking to be untargetable? from PokemonUnite

At least that’s what user ‘TheLuxIsReal’ thought when they were playing against a Blissey and noticed they couldn’t hit the Melee Supporter with any kind of attack.

In a pivotal late-game teamfight in front of Zapdos, you can see Venasaur desperately trying to stave off Blissey but nothing was actually connecting.

It was a strange scene since their team definitely took some HP off of Blissey, even though it wasn’t readily targetable.


Timi Studio
Blissey has been a welcomed addition to Pokemon Unite, but there’s been a few bugs along with its release.

“Everybody be vibin until the Blissey turns on god-mode,” another user joked. At first, TheLuxIsReal thought this was a new form of a Pokemon Unite hack but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Other ideas revolve around it having to do with the invincibility you get on revive or something similar, but it’s hard to really pinpoint what the cause would be.

TiMi Studios typically do a fair amount of bug sweeps with the patches they’ve released so far so hopefully, the root cause of Blissy’s god-mode bug persists for much longer.