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Pokemon trainers delighted as new Sword & Shield animations appear

Published: 15/Feb/2021 14:55

by Alex Garton


Pokemon Sword & Shield trainers are over the moon that Game Freak decided to add more sleeping animations for various Pokemon in-game.

Regular content updates are rolled out for Sword and Shield all the time, giving players more things to do whilst exploring the Galar region.

However, sometimes some of the smallest changes can receive the most appreciation from fans, no doubt a lot more than the developers would have expected.

Sword and Shield players have noticed that more Pokemon now have new animations when they go to sleep. This change has gone down incredibly well with the community and players are calling for Game Freak to add more to the game.


Pokemon in Sword & Shield
Game Freak
Sword & Shield players are calling for more animations to be added to the game.

Sword & Shield players love new sleeping animations

A thread posted to the Pokemon Sword and Shield subreddit pointing out the new Pokemon sleep animations has received over 2,500 upvotes at the time of writing.

Despite being a rather minor update, trainers are ecstatic that a set of new adorable animations have been added for their favorite Pokemon. Before the change, a lot of Mon in-game remained standing up while they were supposed to be asleep. It’s fair to say the new change is definitely a lot more life-like and adds a little more character to each of the Pokemon.

One trainer on the thread described the new animations as “the cutest thing ever!” and another celebrated the new update, adding “I never even noticed! Let’s go!”


I’m so happy that they’ve changed some of the sleeping animations 🥰💙 from r/PokemonSwordAndShield

After seeing the new animations, some trainers are calling for Game Freak to add special versions for flying-type Pokemon: “I really hope they eventually add a full range of animations for different situations… it doesn’t make sense for a flying type to keep flying with its eyes open asleep.”

The overwhelmingly positive reception of this very small animation update will no doubt encourage Game Freak to make more of these changes in the future.

Let’s hope the developers listen to the community and add sleep animations to the game that fit both the theme and species of each Pokemon.