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Pokemon Sword & Shield Valentine’s Day Max Raid Battle event adds Shiny Milcery

Published: 12/Feb/2021 7:22

by Brad Norton


A limited-time Valentine’s Day update has arrived in Pokemon Sword & Shield, changing the state of Max Raid Battles by introducing Shiny Milcery into the mix.

Max Raids are undeniably one of the most important aspects to Pokemon Sword & Shield. They provide a tough challenge but they also serve as a great way to farm valuable resources.

Naturally, these raids garner a lot of attention with each and every update. New Pokemon are often added in with a limited time to add them to your collection.

That’s exactly the case in a new Valentine’s Day update for Pokemon Sword & Shield. Milcery is already a rare Pokemon as it is, but now, the Shiny version can be found in Max Raid Battles.


Shiny Milcery join Max Raid Battles

Pokemon gameplay
Get your hands on Milcery through the new Max Raid Battle.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in-game, Pokemon Sword & Shield players will be able to track down Milcery through Max Raid Battles now. Not only that, but their Shiny variant is also on offer, with higher drop rates than usual.

This particular event is already live in-game and runs through until February 15. This means you’ve got just a few days to try your luck and get your hands on the rare Pokemon.

With a 20% rarity to begin with, spotting a Shiny version is going to be even more difficult. Even throughout the event, they’re not going to be all too common. When one appears, make sure you don’t hesitate to collect it.


In order to evolve this Pokemon once it’s in your collection, you’ll need a special treat. Keeping in line with Valentine’s Day, grabbing a considerate Sweet from cafe will help get Milcery on your side.

Pokemon gameplay
Alcremie is the next evolution of the Milcery.

With enough effort, Milcery will soon evolve into Alcremie, a Pokemon that resembles a cute dessert with strawberries in her hair. 

It’s well worth your time to jump back in over Valentine’s Day if you’ve been needing to track down Milcery. You’ve got until Feb. 15 to get the job done.