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Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer strikes lucky with Shiny after just 15 mins played

Published: 15/Apr/2021 15:47

by Alex Garton


An incredibly lucky Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer has managed to pick up their first Shiny after just 15 minutes of playtime in-game.

As with any Pokemon game in the franchise’s history, a key goal for every trainer in Sword & Shield is to catch their first Shiny. While for some this achievement may come relatively easily in their journey through the title, for others it can take hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Ultimately, obtaining a Shiny Pokemon all comes down to luck and is roughly 1 in 4096, so the odds are extremely low. However, there are always some trainers who somehow manage to defeat the odds and seemingly pull off the impossible.


Well, that’s exactly what happened to UndercoverChaebol when they found a Shiny after just 15 minutes of gameplay.

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Finding a shiny is roughly 1 in 4096 in Sword & Shield.

Lucky Sword & Shield trainer finds Shiny in first-ever encounter

A thread posted to the PokemonSwordandShield subreddit showing a trainer receiving a Shiny after 15 minutes of gameplay has garnered over 500 upvotes.

After booting up Sword & Shield for the first time, UndercoverChaebol stepped foot into the game world and began their adventure. While exploring, the trainer was alerted that they had found their first wild encounter.

Although UndercoverChaebol didn’t know it yet, they’d just found something that usually requires hundreds of hours of game time. It was only when the encounter began that the trainer realized they had found a Shiny Blipbug!


Despite only being in-game for a mere 15 minutes, UndercoverChaebol had pulled off one of the luckiest finds possible.

My first wild Pokémon in the entire game was shiny (about 15 min in) from r/PokemonSwordAndShield

A number of trainers on the thread were completely shocked and took the time to congratulate UndercoverChaebol on the achievement.

“Wow imagine being THIS lucky lol, good job!” wrote one player, with another telling the lucky trainer that this “is a memory you must keep forever.”

While not every player will be this lucky, it does show what’s possible if you manage to beat the odds. Who knows, it may even happen to you in your next adventure in a Pokemon title.