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Pokemon Sword & Shield Raid Battle event adds Shiny Tauros, Miltank and more

Published: 22/Jan/2021 10:32 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 10:45

by Alex Garton


Game Freak have announced a brand new Year of the Ox Pokemon Sword & Shield event that will give players a chance to Shiny Tauros, Miltank and Bouffalant.

It’s the beginning of 2021 and there are already some exciting updates being added to Pokemon Sword & Shield. As players will know, Raid Battles are challenges, located in the Wild Area and at DLC locations, that require a set of trainers to take down an extremely powerful Pokemon.

After a player has earned their eighth badge, they’re even offered the chance to take part in Max Raid Battles. Although every Max Raid involves confronting a Dynamax Pokemon, the rewards are certainly worth it if you’re up for the challenge.


In celebration of 2021 being the Year of the Ox, Game Freak has added a special Max Raid event for players to take part in.

The Pokemon Company
The Wild area in an area located in the Galar Region. This is one place Raid Battles take place.

New Max Raid Battle event

A new Max Raid Battle event has been added to Pokemon Sword & Shield and it gives players the chance to earn Shiny Tauros. As far as events go, this one is only available for a short amount of time so make sure you jump in before it’s over.

The new Max Raid Battle event will only be available from now until January 24, after that, the event will be removed from the Wild Area. It’s worth noting that to make room for these Lunar New Year based Pokemon, Fire & Ice-type Pokemon have temporarily left raids.


Of course, as with any of these events, it’s all about the rewards and what players have the chance to catch. Well, Game Freak hasn’t disappointed on that front, players will have a higher chance to catch Shiny Tauros, Shiny Miltank, and Bouffalant in Max Raid Battles.

Shiny Tauros may only have a 2% drop rate, but it’s definitely worth rolling the dice during the event.

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Raid Battle Pokemon Sword & Shield
Game Freak
This Year of the Ox event will run until January 24, 23:59 UTC.

Events like this are great to see as it gives players some exciting content to take part in between the releases of DLC. The chance to catch incredibly rare Pokemon will always keep fans interested and a new Max Raid Battle means it’ll be no walk in the park.


By the looks of it, this event is going to be great and who knows, you may even have yourself a Shiny Tauros by the end of it.