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Pokemon Sword & Shield player has best reaction to finally catching Shiny Legendary

Published: 9/Apr/2021 1:34

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield player lost their mind during a YouTube stream after finally catching a Shiny Legendary in Dynamax Adventures. The fan had the perfect response to capturing the ‘mon after months of failed attempts. 

Ever since its introduction as a mechanic in Gen II, Shiny Pokemon have become the ultimate obsession of  any dedicated Trainer. The rare variant not only changes the ‘mon’s color, but also boosts their stats.

A Pokemon Sword & Shield player went viral after they finally managed to catch a Shiny Legendary they had been hunting for several months in a row. Their hilarious reaction, while delirious, is absolutely relatable to any fan who has spent days hunting for Shinies.


Pokemon Sword & Shield Dynamax Adventure Zygarde
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
A Pokemon Sword & Shield player spent hours hunting for a Shiny Legendary.

Pokemon Sword & Shield player loses mind over Shiny Legendary

Pokemon YouTuber and TikTok creator Mr. Mime’s Time had completed over 275 Dynamax Adventures in Sword & Shield trying to catch a Shiny version of Gen VI’s Zygarde. The streamer was broadcasting his quest for glory live on stream for his viewers, but kept coming up empty-handed.

After hours of failed attempts, the content creator finally managed to snag a Shiny on his 276th encounter. Upon realizing the ‘mon was the rare variant, he jumped out of his seat and gasped with his mouth open in absolute shock.

He then hilariously pointed at the rare Pokemon on his screen and cackled, “I am going to f**king murder you. I’m going to wring your f**king neck like a wet f**king towel.”


This guy’s reaction to a shiny Zygarde is funny from PokemonSwordAndShield

The Gen VI Legendary is notorious for being the most difficult boss in the Crown Tundra mode, and often players will not even be able to beat it after it transforms into its Complete Forme. While Shiny catches are documented all the time, the fan’s mixture of anger and joy was relatable to fellow Trainers who have gone through similar pain trying to catch the rare Pokemon.

“This dude went through almost 300 tries to get a shiny Zygarde, true dedication,” a user wrote. One follower exclaimed, “Been watching you for a long time and i jumped yelling finally happy for you.” Another said, “I’ve been so invested and I was even shocked for this.”


One comment hilariously summed it up with, “He did it at the cost of his insanity” – something most hardcore Pokemon fans have experienced.

Pokemon fans react to viral Sword & Shield Zygarde TikTok

According to Mr. Mime’s Time, he had spent over two and half months in total trying to catch the Shiny Zygarde. His own community of fans were also elated after having watched him take on the elusive snake for an insane amount of hours.

Dynamax Adventures was added to Sword & Shield in its Crown Tundra DLC in October 2020. The new mode brought the series’ most popular Legendaries to Gen 8, also giving dedicated Trainers a chance to catch Shiny versions of them – even if it takes hundreds of hours.