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Pokemon Sword & Shield player goes viral with wild Leon & Rose theory

Published: 6/Apr/2021 1:24

by Brent Koepp


Almost two years after its release, the Pokemon community still doesn’t fully understand Sword & Shield’s story. A fan’s viral theory, however, gives a mind-blowing spin on the Gen 8 title’s plot.

In 2019, Pokemon players were introduced to the series’ eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield. The Nintendo Switch RPG’s new region, Galar, was a hit with fans who loved its UK-inspired map.

Despite all its positives, many were left feeling that that the Gen 8 title’s story was a little underwhelming. An online post went viral with the community after explaining the plot in a whole new light – and it’s pretty creepy!


Chairman Rose in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Did Chairman Rose’s villainous plot have more to it? A viral fan theory believes so.

Viral Pokemon Sword & Shield theory explains Rose’s plan

*Below, we will be discussing major spoilers for Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you haven’t beaten the main story yet, we suggest coming back later.*

Perhaps one of the biggest complaints the Gen 8 title receives is its main villain, Chairman Rose, and his baffling scheme. While his mischievous plan is sprinkled throughout the game, the story is brought abruptly to its conclusion with a convoluted plot about a 1,000 year energy crisis and Eternatus.

Pokemon fan ‘bluesidra‘ proposed that the antagonist’s plan involved Leon and was 10 years in the making. “Rose’s planning went back over ten years. Somewhere around that time, Rose discovered that the energy source that his business empire was reliant on would one day run dry,” they said, before explaining how the Chairman scouted Leon as a child and built him up to be Champion with the purpose of him one day catching Eternatus.


Bluesidra goes on to say that the player ruins this plan by beating Leon. “This to me is the second worst instance of child grooming ever depicted in the pokemon franchise,” the user exclaimed.  While Rose’s energy plan was present in the story, the idea of him planning Leon’s entire pathway to Champion is pretty creepy, especially considering he is seemingly doing it all over again with Bede.

Rose, Leon, the ten year plan and why it couldn’t wait another day from pokemon

Sword & Shield players loved the theory, praising it for adding “depth” to the plot that felt missing in the final version. “Interesting take on Rose. It makes him far more interesting and far less stupid than what he seemed like in the game,” one used wrote. Another agreed and exclaimed, “I reaaaallly wish this was expanded upon, or even really hinted at, in-game. this is such a great recollection and explanation.” Another even replied, ‘This makes a lot more sense now! Rose seems so much creepier. Legit yikes!”


Pokemon Sword & Shield players react to Leon theory

While the Chairman’s quest to secure more energy was clear in the plot, his scheme escalated quickly and felt jumbled in execution. The idea of him using Leon since he was a child makes the Champion’s role in the final act more sensical.

If nothing else, the viral post is a good reflection of how the community just wanted more story beats to flesh out Sword & Shield’s main villain.