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Pokemon Sword & Shield leakers forced to pay $300k to Nintendo over 2019 leaks

Published: 24/Jun/2021 7:21 Updated: 24/Jun/2021 7:32

by Isaac McIntyre


Two Pokemon fans who leaked major details about Pokemon Sword and Sword ahead of the mainline title’s release in 2019 have been ordered to pay $300k to Nintendo to cover damages surrounding their release of “trade secrets.”

The Pokemon Company originally filed a lawsuit against the pair in 2019, after photos of the Pokemon Sword and Shield strategy guide were released online early.

When the suit was filed, The Pokemon Company only had its hands on several Discord screenshots. Through the process of the lawsuit, however, it was discovered one of the defendants ⁠— who worked at printing company LSC Communications ⁠— had leaked the second defendant several images, before they were spread to a “worldwide audience.”


It was this leak that first revealed “Gigantamax” forms.

The Pokemon world got their first look at “Gigantamax” via the LSC leaks.
The Pokemon Company
The Pokemon world got their first look at “Gigantamax” via the LSC printing leaks.

The Pokemon Company said they “reacted swiftly” to the leaks, issuing several takedown requests, but claimed, “the damage had been done.”

The leaks sparked a massive backlash against The Pokemon Company, mainly relating to the removal of the national Pokedex. Many long-term fans threatened to boycott the 2019 titles, and #Dexit and #GameFreakLied trended for days on Twitter as Pokemon players expressed their outrage.

According to newly filed court documents, the Sword & Shield leakers are now required to pay The Pokemon Company $150,000 USD, each, in damages and fees.

As Dexerto understands, the ruling can no longer be appealed.


Pokemon Sword & Shield
Game Freak
Pokemon Sword & Shield suffered several major leaks in the lead-up to its release date.

While the build-up to Pokemon Sword and Shield release date back in late 2019 was rife with leaks and insider sources being spread across the internet, The Pokemon Company has thus far kept a tight lid on Diamond & Pearl remake news.

The fourth-gen remasters, as well as spinoff title Pokemon Legends: Arceus, are within six months of release, but we’ve seen little unofficial details about both titles. Dexerto expects this may change as we get closer to the first November launch, but considering this court order, leakers may think twice.

Here’s everything we know about the Diamond & Pearl remakes so far.