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Pokemon player goes viral for genius fossil idea

Published: 11/Jan/2021 23:19 Updated: 11/Jan/2021 23:20

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon player went viral after sharing their incredible fossil concept. The community loved it so much, they want Game Freak to implement it in Gen 9.

Fossils Pokemon have been apart of the series since its debut in 1998’s Red & Blue. The feature hasn’t had many substantial changes over the years, which has left many wanting more.

One fan went viral after presenting a new twist on the beloved mechanic that had many Trainers excited. The genius idea is actually based on real world archaeology.

Fossil Pokemon wallpaper.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Many Pokemon come from fossils.

Pokemon fan’s epic fossil idea

Throughout the series, the fossil mechanic has seen little change. In Gen I and III, players were only allowed to choose one per save file. And from Diamond & Pearl through Sword & Shield, Trainers could collect all of them as well as trade the prehistoric items between generations.


A fan went viral on the r/pokemon subreddit when they suggested a future region should have one fossil that has multiple forms. “What if there was a region with a single fossil. You can revive it and make it into a Pokemon. But what if there were two people who both believed the [Pokemon] looked different?”

User ‘Marleyzard’ then explained that the ‘mon would change its design based on the person you choose to revive it. “So depending on who you give the fossil to, you’ll get a different restoration of the same Pokemon! Think different forms,” they exclaimed.


But what if from pokemon

The Pokemon community loved the idea, and the thread went viral. “Legitimately one of the best ideas for a fossil Pokemon I’ve seen,” one user exclaimed. Another replied, “It’s very unique and maybe it could have different typing based on what you revive it into.”

Pokemon fans react to viral fossil idea.

The idea wouldn’t be too far-fetched, given Game Freak have already implemented regional forms since Sun & Moon in 2016. Interestingly, another fan pointed out the concept is not only plausible, but actually happened in real prehistoric times.

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Pokemon Reddit reacts to brilliant Fossil concept.

Based on how much fans seem to love regional forms of favorite Pokemon, the new fossil concept would give a similar spin on prehistoric ‘mon. Plus, it would be cool to see what variants players choose.


As we inch closer and closer to Gen 9, it will be interesting to see which changes and features Game Freak decide to implement in the series. Based on this brilliant fan idea, the possibilities seem limitless.