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Everything you need to know about Pokemon Legends Arceus

Published: 18/Aug/2021 16:59 Updated: 18/Aug/2021 17:09

by James Busby


Pokemon Legends Arceus has gotten some well-deserved time in the spotlight at the Pokemon Presents showcase, giving fans a sneak peek as to what they can expect from the upcoming open-world game, from new Pokemon such as Basculegion and Wyrdeer, to new fighting attack styles. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the newest game in the franchise, developed by none other than Game Freak. The title looks to break the mold of past titles, bringing the series into the modern age – while also traveling back in time – completely revamping the way players battle, interact with, and traverse the world.

From features like Pokemon mounts to seamless battle transitions, dodge rolls, and unique catching mechanics, Pokemon Legends Arceus looks incredibly exciting.


Additional reporting by Ava Thompson-Powell.


Screenshot of Pokemon Diamond & Peal legendaries Giratina, Palkia & Dialga.
The Pokemon Company
Players are expecting a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake, but there’s more – according to leaks.

Pokemon Legends Arceus release date

Fans of the franchise don’t have much longer to wait, as Pokemon Legends Arceus will release on Nintendo Switch on 28 January 2022.

Pokemon Legends Arceus screenshots

Set in the gorgeous Hisui region, an ancient land that is now known as the Sinnoh region, there’s a vast landscape of terrain to travel through and explore.

August’s Pokemon Presents provided fans with an even deeper look into the game, and we’ve collected some of our favorite screenshots for you to enjoy:

Ursaring Pokemon Legends Arceus
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Watch out! Ursaring will attack you out in the open world if you’re not careful.
Basculegion Pokemon Legends ArceusBasculegion, a new Pokemon, will take you where you need to go.
Pokemon Legends Arceus water screenshot
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
The game is home to some truly beautiful vistas.
Pokemon Legends Arceus battles
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Open-world battles are a thing in Arceus, making combat even more exciting,
Growlithe Pokemon Legends Arceus
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Isn’t the Hisuian variant of Growlithe the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!
Jubilife village Arceus
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Jubilife Village will be the main base for your journey throughout the Hisui region.

Pokemon Legends Arceus reveal trailer

Game Freak’s latest game is set in a “feudal” Sinnoh era, which takes place way before any of the current mainline titles. The new open-world depicts footage of an open-world, action-based battling system with the series’ iconic monsters, moving forward from the combat style of the franchise.


The game tasks players with putting together the first Sinnoh region Pokedex as surveyors, helping Professor Laventon and a variety of other NPCs to document all the Sinnoh-based Pokemon for the first time.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Hisui region trailer

Pokemon Legends Arceus features

Wyrdeer Pokemon Legends Arceus
The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Wyrdeer is a new evolution of Stantler, specific to the Hisui region.

Below are a few major details from the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus game that we spotted in the trailers so far:

  • Able to utilize some of the new Pokemon as mounts to travel across land, air, and sea
  • Aiming when catching a Pokemon
  • A colorful cast of NPC characters to meet and interact with.
  • A large map to explore
  • An ‘Action Order‘ UI element, that indicates how often, and when a Pokemon can act in battle depending upon its stats.
  • An open-world
  • Attack styles: Strong Style, and Agile Style – both affecting the speed and strength of how your ‘mon attacks their opponent
  • Basculegion, a new evolution of Basculin
  • Camping features and crafting
  • Crouching to hide from Pokemon, stopping them from running away or attacking you first
  • Different biomes to explore and uncover
  • Hisuian Braviary
  • Hisuian Growlithe
  • Seamless battles
  • Set in a Feudal era Sinnoh, named the Hisui region
  • Wyrdeer, a Stantler evolution specific to the region of Hisui

From a vast and varied open world, to some truly unique Pokemon evolutions and Attack Styles, Arceus goes above and beyond the current offerings in previous Pokemon titles.

One of the most exciting features in Arceus is that, in order to catch Pokémon in the wild, you have to observe them and learn their behavior. If done correctly, you’ll then get the opportunity to sneak up and aim a Pokeball at it.


Catching pokemon
Pokemon Company
Catching Pokemon will be very different in Legends Arceus.

The official site states that “you can also have your ally Pokémon battle wild Pokémon that you hope to catch. Just throw the Poké Ball holding your ally Pokémon near a wild Pokémon, and you’ll seamlessly enter battle and command your Pokémon by choosing from moves it knows.”

It seems like a pretty radical change and will make for interesting gameplay alongside all of the other features above.

Pokemon Legends Arceus starters

Pokemon Arceus Legends starters
Game Freak / Pokemon Company
These are the current starters available in Arceus Legends.

The three starters Trainers will be able to choose in Arceus are:

  • Cyndaquil, a fire-type.
  • Oshawott, a water-type.
  • Rowlet, a grass/flying-type.

Of course, more could be announced at a later date, but for now, that’s all the info we have.


We’ll likely see even more footage for Pokemon Legends Arceus in the coming months, so make sure you check back here on Dexerto for all the latest Pokemon news.