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Pokemon Legends Arceus leaker posts cryptic messages on 2021 plans

Published: 1/Oct/2021 23:26

by David Purcell


Pokemon Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are next on the menu for trainers, but one of the scene’s biggest leakers has dropped some cryptic messages about the franchise’s future. 

The end of 2021 will take players back to one of the most popular regions in the series’ long history, the Sinnoh region. The Diamond and Pearl remakes are one of the most highly anticipated of recent memory, and with it comes a spinoff game – set years before – in Legends Arceus. 

Arceus will be set in the Hisui Region when it launches in January 2022, with a load of new Pokemon expected to be released, and Hisuian forms already confirmed. 


Those are the confirmed details Nintendo provided so far, but it appears The Pokemon Company has a few big cards still yet to play.

Pokemon Legends Arceus leaker hints at 2022 plans

Pokemon Legends Arceus new Pokemon
Pokemon Legends Arceus is the biggest game we know is coming in 2022.

On October 1, Centro Leaks started the month off with a bang with a series of tweets that prompted a lot more questions than it did provide answers.

Seen below, the account – which has accurately leaked a number of AAA game details in the past – posted six different emojis. These featured a baby, ghost, moon, and more.

As the queries flooded the replies, a second post surfaced. This time, it was just a bunch of letters relating to something coming soon for Pokemon.


They said: “2022 will be very exciting too for Pokemon fans. Even more than 2021 if nothing gets delayed.”

2021 was expected to be a landmark year for the franchise, as it celebrated its 25th anniversary. However, based on these tweets, fans are wondering whether 2022 might go a step further.

When will we hear more?

As expected, some were keen to get ahold of the specifics One asked about a potential timeline for official news, for example.

The leaker replied: “Not today. Not this week. Probably not this month.”

One other fan pressed the leaker for more information, claiming it would be more impressive to just spill the beans. They added: “We weren’t allowed to. It’s too early. If we were to disrespect this rule, our source would stop giving us information. That’s the only reason.”


As the rumor mill continues to turn in the Pokemon community, these posts just strapped a rocket to the bottom. While we don’t have any specifics just yet, it appears those ‘in the know’ have seen something in the works that might just blow everybody away.

We’ll have to wait and see. We could be waiting until after Pokemon Legends Arceus has launched.