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Pokemon just revealed the latest card set & it’s already a huge meme

Published: 11/Jun/2021 18:47

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Company has announced that the Trading Card Game will get a new rare Pokemon card type as a part of the Sword & Shield expansion. Its bizarre design and gameplay mechanic has left fans scratching their heads. 

It’s hard to believe that the Pokemon TCG has been around for almost 25 years now. Over decades of releases, the hobby has seen its fair share of mechanical gimmicks and design overhauls.

But the Trading Card Game’s latest variant ‘V-Fusion’ might be one of its most radical to date. The new rare Pokemon cards are so strange in design that that fans have been mocking it with memes. 


Pokemon V-Union card set
The Pokemon Company / PokeGuardian
Pokemon fans are torn on the new V-Union cards.

New Pokemon card set becomes a meme

Revealed on June 10, V-Fusions are a new rare holo that consists of four smaller cards which can then be combined together to make one massive card. Hardcore collectors may remember a similar design featured in 2010’s Heart Gold & Soul Silver expansion with the ‘LEGEND’ variant.

However unlike those cards, the new Sword & Shield fusion type requires double the amount of items. Bizarrely, in order to play the new variant, you must first move all four cards into your discard pile before you are able to combine them and bring them back into the game. 

While not everyone that buys the Nintendo collectibles is interested in playing the Pokemon TCG, the new design is strange for collectors as well. Players opening packs may find themselves scoring a rare card, only for the entire artwork to just be a foot.


The new card variant immediately had Pokemon fans confused over its design, such as one user who wrote, “I don’t understand how these work. The information is kinda confusing.”

Other players outright hated the design, like another that exclaimed, “Break cards were one of the worst gimmicks in Pokemon TCG, and now they do a similar design again with FOUR cards. Why?”

Pokemon fans react to V-Union Pokemon cards

The card’s unique design was immediately mocked on social media as well, with collectors creating memes. “Oh man. Can’t wait to spend $600 on Charizard’s a**,” someone tweeted.

“So kids buying boosters can now open Mewtwo’s leg twice and not be able to play them. This is shameful,” someone else argued. Fans even begin to make mockups of a Pokemon foot card selling on eBay for exuberant prices.


Pokemon fans mock new V-Union Pokemon cards

While it’s true that the TCG had LEGEND cards back in 2010, it appears many collectors are not buying the gimmick being broken up into four pieces. And to be fair, they have a point.

Imagine getting Zacian’s tail and right leg as a rare card pull – somehow the magic of it being a rarity hits far less. Users also couldn’t help but compare the mechanic to being similar to one used in Yu-Gi-Oh.