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Pokemon Go Unova Week – Everything you need to know

Published: 14/Aug/2020 18:07 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 3:22

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go trainers have been enjoying bonus weeks following on from GO Fest 2020. Now the third and final one of them begins – Unova Week.

All Pokemon Go trainers have been enjoying the rewards of GO Fest 2020 players completing global challenges. Unova Week required the completion of 24 of them.

While a different theme with Unova, the event will be similar to that of the previous Dragon and Enigma Weeks. There will be increased spawns, new species and a returning Mythical Pokemon that has been restricted up until now.

Unova Week start time

The event begins on Friday, August 14 at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT / 9pm BST) and finishes on Friday, August 21, 1pm PDT (4pm EDT / 9pm BST).


Unova Week Genesect
All Pokemon Go trainers will have the chance to catch Genesect in Unova Week…

Genesect returns

Let’s start with the return of Genesect to Pokemon Go. The Gen 5 Mythical ‘mon has been available twice before – through paid-for Special Research and as part of the Throwback Challenge.

Now though, Genesect will be available in five-star Raid Battles for all. In addition to that, if you’re really lucky, you can also encounter it in its Shiny form.

New species

Niantic are in the middle of rolling out Gen 5 species to the mobile game. Several new Pokemon will be making their Pokemon Go debut as part of the Unova Week:

  • Bouffalant
  • Cottonee
  • Emolga
  • Sewaddle

Bouffalant will only be available in New York City, at least to begin with. The other three new Pokemon – Cottonee, Emolga and Sewaddle – don’t appear to fit into any sort of meta.


Increased spawns

Sewaddle, Cottonee, and other Pokemon originally discovered in the Unova region will all be appearing more in the wild as well as in 7km eggs. Emolga can also be found but given the wording it looks like this will be a rare finding.

The Raid Battle pool will also be switched up for the event. Details haven’t been fully made available but we do know Roggenrola and other Unovaians will feature.

It remains to be seen whether there will be any form of Timed Research. There was for Dragon Week but not for Enigma.