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Pokemon Go teases more Gen 6 coming soon with Xerneas loading screen

Published: 15/Mar/2021 10:35

by Daniel Megarry


A new Pokemon Go loading screen has teased several Pokemon will be coming to the game in the near future, including the Legendary Fairy-type Xerneas.

Trainers were ecstatic when Pokemon Go finally introduced Gen 6 creatures to the game in December 2020. So far, just over 20 of the Kalos region ‘mon have appeared, but it seems like that number is about to increase.

A new loading screen shared by Niantic marks the arrival of spring with artwork depicting several species of Pokemon playing in the woods. Trainers were quick to spot the Legendary Xerneas watching over the scene from the top of a waterfall.


Xerneas PokemonXerneas will make its Go debut soon.

Xerneas is coming to Pokemon Go

Xerneas made its debut in Pokemon X & Y on the Nintendo 3DS, and was the first Fairy-type Legendary in the franchise. As Fairy-types are strong both offensively and defensively against powerful Dragons, it’s a solid addition to any trainer’s team.

It’s currently unknown when Xerneas will be added to the game, but it will no doubt happen as part of the ongoing Season of Legends, which runs until June 1, 2021.

When it does finally arrive, expect Xerneas to appear in 5-Star Raids, meaning trainers will have a difficult battle ahead if they want to catch one. Now’s the time to get those Poison- and Steel-types powered up, as they’re perfect Fairy counters.


Pokemon Go Sylveon
The Legendary Xerneas can be seen at the top of the waterfall.

Xerneas isn’t the only Gen 6 species that can be seen in the new loading screen. The Fighting-type panda Pancham and the Fairy-type ‘fragrance Pokemon’ Aromatisse are there too, suggesting they’ll also be added to the game soon.

Eagle-eyed trainers also noticed the silhouette of a very popular Pokemon standing on top of a fallen tree in front of the waterfall. Yes, it looks like the Fairy-type Eeveelution Sylveon will finally be arriving in Pokemon Go.

The stunning loading screen also includes appearances from the likes of Gen 5’s Servine and Gen 4’s Kricketune, although players have understandably been preoccupied with the newer additions to the game.


While you wait for Xerneas to make its long-awaited debut in the game, make sure you check out our dedicated Pokemon Go hub for the latest news, guides, and leaks.