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Pokemon Go players request simple change to in-game shop for bonuses

Published: 4/Mar/2021 17:47

by Alex Garton


Pokemon Go players are requesting that Niantic add a simple expiration timer feature to the bonuses listed in the shop. They’re claiming due to limitations on how many items they can carry, they often miss out on free rewards because they’re unsure of when the offer ends.

For Pokemon Go players, collecting items and managing your resources is a fundamental aspect of the game. As storage space is limited, a lot of players miss out on free offers and bonuses as they simply cannot collect the items.

Of course, for less significant resources this is usually not a problem as players can simply collect more when they have space. However, for harder to acquire items like Raid passes, this can be extremely frustrating for players as they can only carry three at one time.


This has led players to ask Niantic for an expiration timer on in-game shop bonuses, that way, they can use their current items and still make use of the resources offered in the shop.

Pokemon Go
This simple feature would allow players to make the most out of in-game bonuses.

Pokemon Go players call for expiration timers on bonuses

A thread posted to TheSilphRoad subreddit calling for an expiration timer on bonuses has garnered over 3,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

The author of the post, SuperAtmosphere, claims players do not know how long they have to use their current items before the bonus rewards are removed from the shop. This means trainers can miss out on significant resources such as Raid passes.

“When there are 3 free remote raid passes, but I have over 3, I cannot claim them immediately… I’d like to know when I have to expend my raid passes by.”


Although an expiration timer is a relatively simple feature, it would allow every player to make the most out of their items.

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No one likes feeling as if they’ve missed out on free rewards, especially on Pokemon Go.

The demand for this feature proves how many trainers feel as if they’ve missed out on free rewards, which is never a good feeling. Part of the game is ensuring you make the most of every resource you have, so seeing items disappear that could have been claimed is extremely disappointing for players.

It’s hard to know if Niantic will implement an expiration timer on shop bonuses, but one thing’s for sure, there’s plenty of demand from the community for the feature.