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Pokemon Go players outraged after “bug” resets Valentine’s Day Challenge tasks

Published: 18/Feb/2021 21:03

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go players were left devastated after a supposed “bug” reset their Valentine’s Day Challenge which took them days of work to complete. 

Niantic celebrated Valentine’s Day 2021 with an epic Collection Challenge in Pokemon Go. Similar to past region celebrations, players had only a handful of days to catch and complete a list of ‘mon to get special rewards.

Hours before the limited-time contest was set to conclude however, reports began to pop up from Trainers claiming their entire list reset. The new “bug” has left them furious – but is it actually a glitch?

Pokemon Go Valentines Day promotional wallpaper featuring Musharna.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go had a Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection Challenge.

Pokemon Go players heartbroken over Valentines’s Day “bug”

The Valentine’s Day collection contest officially kicked off on February 14, and ended on the 18th. As it was winding down, however, some players began to report an unusual “bug.”


Over on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit, Go Trainer ‘Ulfednyer’ claimed that their entire list vanished right as they were about to finish it.

“Help my Valentines Collection challenge reset itself. I logged on and I the Latios and I also did a other raids except for Umbreon and then it was all gone when logged on like 2 hours later,” the player explained.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go player claiming their Valentine's Day Challenge has reset.

The user was not alone, as others began to post similar experiences on social media. “Niantic Help! My Valentine’s collection challenge has been reset! I only had one to go. Now I’ve gotta collect all of them again!” another frustrated  player tweeted.


It’s unclear what the cause of the challenge reset actually is, or if it’s even a bug. Some players have argued it’s a result of “spoofing” or GPS-related issues. However, more reports have begun to roll in with fans claiming the supposed issue has impacted them while at home playing normally using Remote Raid Passes.

Unlike previous celebrations, the Valentine’s Day collection was noticeably more difficult, with players having to catch more characters. Some of the Pokemon also only showed up in Raids, meaning some Trainers impacted by the glitch had to pay. At the time of writing, Niantic has yet to comment.