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Pokemon Go players demand shiny odds from Niantic after “scam” events

Published: 19/Aug/2021 20:56

by David Purcell


Shiny Pokemon are among the most elusive to catch in Pokemon Go and after multiple events have gone by without success, there is a growing feeling that Niantic should reveal Shiny odds moving forward. 

Transparency has been the word of the month in Pokemon Go, with the game’s community boycotting the game earlier in August.

This stance came after ex-Niantic employees claimed their team was punished for listening to player feedback, and a change to Pokestop distances led to many doubling down on their complaints.

Niantic have since confirmed a new team has been formed to tackle similar challenges moving forward, presumably so that issues do not escalate in similar ways in the future.


Well, trainers have stumbled across another issue that they feel could be even worse than those leading to the walkout.

Pokemon Go Shiny odds: Heracross, Kangaskhan

On August 19, Reddit user fegodev put together a strongly written post on the game’s subreddit page, calling for more transparency on the game’s Shiny Pokemon odds.

When there is such a small chance to achieve something in-game, no matter the community, players are interested to see how much of a chance they have.

Similar calls have also come out of the FIFA community over Ultimate Team packs, and similar have also surfaced in the Overwatch realm over loot boxes.


shiny heracross pokemon go
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Shiny Heracross is one of the Pokemon that trainers believe is now harder to find.

In the post, they demanded Shiny odds be made public, with some questioning whether the game’s dev team just turn off Shiny encounters from time to time.

They said: “It’s been demonstrated that the shiny odds for Heracross and Kangaskhan have been manipulated, meaning it was significantly easier to get a shiny of those mons at the beginning of the event,” referencing a post claiming both Shiny Heracross and Kangaskhan have been changed, from r/TheSilphRoad.

“We also have other research studies for egg events showing they’re simply a scam. And lastly, Niantic himself has “accidentally” turned off shinies in the past, and poorly compensated those who already spent even hundreds of raid passes trying to get the shinies.”


Kangaskhan Shiny rate seems to be lowered from 1/60 to 1/128. from TheSilphRoad

Have Pokemon Go’s Shiny odds changed?

There has been no official word on changes to Shiny Pokemon odds, for Heracross or any others, meaning this is purely speculation at this stage.

To shut down these rumors, however, many players are asking Niantic to reveal the odds of catching Shiny Pokemon.

Whether they will respond in due course remains to be seen.