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Pokemon Go players are having serious trouble hatching Deino and Gible

Published: 3/Aug/2020 15:17

by Paul Cot


Pokemon Go is in the middle of its much-hyped Dragon Week but the event has so far been marred in controversy surrounding rare Pokemon Deino and Gible.

When Dragon Week was first revealed trainers were justifiably excited. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to find some Deino and Gible all within the same event!

Aside from Deino appearing in the special Timed Research and Gible occasionally as a rare spawn in the wild, they are both hatching from 7km eggs more frequently for the duration of the event. However, so far, trainers have been very disappointed with the regularity they are doing so.


Are Deino and Gible too rare?

One trainer reported that between their account and 12 others that they failed to hatch a single Deino or Gible on Day 1 of Dragon Week. This was over 182 hatches, too.

This return could well be inaccurate and, while it is a small sample size, it is big enough to at least raise a couple of eyebrows. Even if this is below the real rate, we doubt trainers would be happy with anything less than 5% which it likely is.

Niantic don’t disclose hatch rates, so Pokemon Go players don’t know how often to expect them. Clearly they are super rare, though.


The issue is exacerbated by the fact a lot of trainers choose to actually buy additional incubators. At 150 and 200 PokeCoins for an Egg Incubator and Super Incubator respectively they don’t come cheap either.

This has understandably left trainers frustrated as this could cost up to $100 for 150 hatches. Assuming a generous 5% hatch rate (it appears to be far less) this works out around $13 per Deino or Gible.

“I just stopped spending money, and eggs arent a part of the game for me anymore. It’s absurd how the mess with the playerbase on eggs,” armchaircommanderdad shared on Reddit.

Just business

Other trainers understand that Niantic’s goal is to make money, however. Part of that is doing their best to encourage players to keep buying incubators.


On the surface it may seem that the poor hatch rates are discouraging but one trainer believes the developers are well aware. Remiticus said the following on the matter: “I’m sure they’ve done market studies on the most profitable way to do egg pools.”


They may reduce the total number of trainers purchasing incubators but overall, due to those who will buy them in bulk, they may be better off. As a result these hatch rates may not improve anytime soon. With that said though, Niantic may see the latest feedback, which is rather crushing, and decide to at least alter them slightly.