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Pokemon Go Pikachu hat event schedule – Detective Pikachu extended

Published: 6/Aug/2019 9:54 Updated: 12/Aug/2019 8:25

by Paul Cot


Niantic has announced that Pikachu, in its various different hats, will return to Pokemon Go with a different look each day.

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The news was announced on the official Pokemon Go Twitter. “Surprise, Trainers! We’ve invited some familiar guests to Yokohama for our last Pokémon GO Fest this year!” they tweeted. 

The event has started and begun at 6 pm PT, August 5 (9 pm ET, 2 am BST August 6). The event coincides with the Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama event which is taking place over the same dates. These special Pikachus aren’t restricted to those in attendance though, as they will be appearing globally – to the relief of Pokemon Go trainers.


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Which hats will be featured?

Pikachu appearing with various different hats has been a continual theme in Pokemon Go. The following will be available across the week:

  • Santa Hat Pikachu (August 5)
  • Flower Crown Pikachu (August 10)
  • Summer Hat Pikachu (August 9)
  • Party Hat Pikachu (August 6)
  • Ash Hat Pikachu (August 7)
  • Witch Hat Pikachu (August 8)
  • Detective Pikachu (August 11 – LIVE AND EXTENDED)

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Pikachu hat schedule

The last hat variant to appear, Detective Pikachu, has now been extended to 18:00 PT, August 12.

Some trainers had speculated they would appear in the clockwise order they appear on the promotional image. Now the Pikachu party hat has followed santa we now know this isn’t true.

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A lot of these Pikachus have been somewhat guaranteed albeit at a limit of one a day, during their respective events. This is because they would photobomb any photos you take using the SnapShot feature. The result would be them spawning in the wild, so assuming you caught the Pokemon they were very easy to get.


This latest event sees them return to the wild though – meaning it is down to luck, and how much you’re playing Pokemon Go, as to whether they spawn or not.

We’ll keep this post updated with which special Pikachu hat is live each day.

Last updated 04:24 ET, August 12, 2019