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Pokemon Go finally fixed a major Glameow bug, but some players aren’t happy

Published: 12/Mar/2021 11:42 Updated: 12/Mar/2021 11:52

by Daniel Megarry


Niantic have finally fixed a Glameow bug that’s been in Pokemon Go for years, but some players are now wishing it was left broken.

Like most mobile games, Pokemon Go is no stranger to bugs and glitches. These usually get fixed pretty quickly, but the popular Gen IV creature Glameow has been riddled with frustrating bugs for almost two years.

As well as dominating the overworld map by making it very difficult to tap nearby Pokemon, Glameow’s catching hitbox was faulty, meaning trainers could literally throw a Pokeball off the screen and still manage to catch it.

However, a new hotfix that was implemented by Niantic on Thursday, March 11, 2021, has finally fixed this big error. It may have taken two years, but players are grateful the fix has arrived… or are they?


Pokemon Glameow
The Pokemon Company
Glameow is no longer buggy in Pokemon Go.

Many trainers had described Glameow’s faulty hitbox as being like an invisible forcefield, as Pokeballs wouldn’t get very far before ‘bouncing’ off the Pokemon, despite not appearing to have actually hit it.

Glameow’s overly-large hitbox also made it very difficult to get a ‘Great’ or ‘Excellent’ throw, which was part of the reason it was so frustrating for players. You can see the bug in action in an old Reddit post below.

Glameow’s hitbox is even bigger than you think from pokemongo

Glameow’s hitbox fixed in Pokemon Go

Evidence that this bug has finally been fixed in the game was shared by Reddit user Vador_MK, who demonstrated with a screen recording that they could throw a Pokeball to the side of Glameow and not hit it.


Not catching a Pokemon does seem like a strange reason to celebrate, but after two years of complaining, many players are simply happy that Niantic has finally listened to their concerns and fixed Glameow’s hitbox.

Glameow’s collision radius fixed from TheSilphRoad


“Who needs XL Candy news when this is the real deal,” wrote one happy trainer, while a second celebrated that they had “finally hit an Excellent” on Glameow, and a third jokingly added that the game is now “literally playable”.

Not everyone is happy that the bug has been fixed, though, as quite a few trainers have confessed that they actually preferred it the way it was before because it made Glameow seem “unique” in the game.


“Bummer, it was a hilarious bug I actually enjoyed,” wrote one disappointed Pokemon Go player, while another added: “Such a shame, I used to game a game out of trying to miss on purpose. It was hilarious.”

Fortunately, it seems as though this update has also fixed Glameow’s dominating overworld hitbox, as one player explained they “had one sandwiched between an Aron and a Geodude and actually had a hard time clicking on the Glameow”.

Bugs in Pokemon Go are nothing new; Just recently, trainers were left frustrated after a ticketed Kanto Tour event ended up being accessible for free. Niantic launched a bonus event as an apology, but some players were able to access that without a ticket as well.