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Pokemon Go Fest costumes leaked and players are not impressed

Published: 16/Jun/2021 14:05

by James Busby


Pokemon Go Fest 2021’s special costumed Pokemon have leaked ahead of the official event, but fans aren’t happy with the new designs. 

As Niantic prepares to celebrate Pokemon Go’s 5th anniversary, fans from around the world are eager to begin the festivities. While Day 1 of the Go Fest doesn’t officially start until July 17, 2021, that hasn’t stopped a number of details leaking ahead of schedule. 

Just like previous Go Fest updates, this year’s activities include Raids, limited-timed events, and appearances from fan favorites. One of the most popular additions has always been the collection of Event Pokemon (costumed Pokemon). 


As the name suggests, these ‘mon are distinguished by their themed clothing items. While these costumed wearing Pokemon may not have any enhanced stats, they do give trainers the opportunity to fill out their party with some unique monsters. 

Pokemon Go Fest costumes leak

Pokemon Go costumes
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Costumes have been a dividing factor in the Go community.

This year’s Pokemon Go Fest costumes have leaked early, giving trainers the chance to see what awaits when the event goes live. However, many fans are not happy with the upcoming designs. The leaked image shows off Galarian Ponyto, Galarian Zigzagoon, Flygon, and Gardevoir – who can all be seen sporting a cream-colored hat. 

“I expected nothing and I’m still disappointed,” says huskerfan4life520. Meanwhile, another player noted how costumes are just “non-content.” While many Pokemon Go players lambasted the lackluster designs, many trainers also discussed the current problem with Event Pokemon. 


“How hard could it be to make it so their evolved forms have hats too,” says CooperDahBooper. “I have a perfect Squirtle and Bulbasaur with hats (as well as a bunch of good 3 stars) that I can’t even evolve, I name them all ‘pointless’.”

Some players speculated that because Flygon and Gardevoir are shown with event hats, it could mean both Zigzagoon and Ponyta can evolve. Unfortunately, this still won’t make up for the poor reception of the designs. 

“I can’t even begin to tell what these are supposed to be,” says kingnorris42. “They certainly don’t look like hats to me! Unlike most people, I didn’t really mind the costume Pokemon, even liked some of them, but now the quality has gotten so bad.”


Whether Niantic will change the designs ahead of this year’s Pokemon Go Fest remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like fans will either have to put up with these designs or avoid catching them completely.