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Pokemon Go: Every way to get Legendary Pokemon

Published: 10/Aug/2020 22:56

by Paul Cot


Trainers are constantly looking to add Legendary Pokemon to their collection. Here’s every single method in which you can find these legends and catch them in Pokemon Go.

Of course, coming across the host of Legendary Pokemon in the mobile game isn’t easy. After all, why would it be, they’re among the rarest species in the franchise.

These ‘mons have never be known to spawn in the wild, so trainers must be look at alternative ways of finding them. Those methods are frequently changing as well as the particular Legendary that can be caught at any given time.


Legendary Pokemon that can be caught now

Before we look at the methods though, let’s take a look at which Legendary/Mythical Pokemon can be caught right now.

  • Deoxys (Normal Forme) – Five-star Raid Battles
  • Shadow Entei – The Shadowy Threat Grows Special Research
  • Mew – A Mythical Discovery Special Research
  • Celebi – A Ripple In Time Special Research
  • Jirachi – A Thousand Year Slumber Special Research
  • Meltan – By connecting to Pokemon Let’s Go
Mew Celebi Jirachi
Pokemon Company
If you haven’t got Mew, Celebi or Jirachi, you’ll be able to get each of them once by completing Special Research quests…

Raid Battles

The most sure fire way to get hold of a Legendary Pokemon is in a Raid Battle. You won’t be able to battle in one at night but at various points throughout the day gyms will give you the chance to take on whatever the feature legend is at that time.

The Legendary (or Mythical) ‘mons are found in five-star Raids, meaning they have more CP and are therefore harder to defeat. Generally, each species is featured for three-weeks at a time and there are occasionally special events which add other legends to this pool.


Special Research

Legendaries are second most commonly encountered as part of Special Research. The only problem with this, is that it is just that, special.

This means it isn’t readily available. Special Research will either be available as part of a special event or the on-going type which can be completed once. Examples of this are the aforementioned Mew where when you complete the research you will encounter it but can only do so once.

GO Battle League reward

Now we move on to some of the unknown methods of getting Legendary species in Pokemon Go. It was a short period but Legendary ‘mons were rewards in GO Battle League not so long ago.


Trainers would be rewarded with the likes of Darkrai, Giratina and more upon winning four battles in a set. These were obviously incredible rewards for the task at hand, so it should come as no surprise they are longer active. That’s not to say they won’t return, although we see it as unlikely.


Finally, if you really can’t wait for your favorite legend to return to the Raid Battle pool, then you can just trade with somebody. This can cost a lot of Stardust, however.

The amount depends on your friendship level and whether you have already caught it. With that said, each trade costs between 800 and whopping 1,000,000 Stardust.


Previously, Legendary Pokemon were available as Research Breakthrough encounter rewards as well but they haven’t been present since January 2020. This has garnered a lot of attention in the Pokemon Go community with trainers unsure as to how they feel about it. They will be unlikely to return to this method any time soon, if ever.