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Pokemon Go community demands classic feature to fix healing problem

Published: 11/Aug/2021 17:45

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go players have come up with the perfect way to solve the problem of running out of Potions and Revives: it’s time for Niantic to introduce Pokemon Centers to the game!

While the popular mobile app features a number of staples from the mainline Pokemon franchise like Great Balls and Ultra Balls, the Pokedex, and the ability to catch rare Shiny variants, there are still a few things it’s missing.

One of the biggest features absent from the game is Pokemon Centers. While you can still heal your ‘mon with Potions or bring them back to life with Revives, many Trainers miss hearing that familiar jingle as Nurse Joy revives all your Pokemon.


Pokemon Center

In a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, one Trainer sent the call out to the universe for Pokemon Centers to finally be implemented after running out of Revives and being left with several useless ‘mon – a common problem for Go players.

“I have 40-50 fainted Pokemon including all of my main ‘mons but I can’t heal any of them because I have no revives,” they wrote. “I’ve tried everything but can’t get any.”

In their brief proposal, they explained that the Centers wouldn’t have to be very common on the world map, and that they would only heal your Pokemon once a day to stop them from being abused.


As well as giving a simple quality of life boost to the game, the OP also argued that introducing Pokemon Centers would be a good way to make Go more aligned with the rest of the franchise’s expansive universe.

There seriously needs to be pokemon centers in PoGo from pokemongo

The idea has gone down well with Trainers on Reddit, with many of them offering up their own suggestions on how the Pokemon Centers could be implemented into the game, such as setting them up in your own choice of location.

“I would love a feature like this, but we get a one-time use to set up where we want like at our own homes, so we heal after a day ‘out’ raiding and battling,” wrote one Reddit user, while another suggested PokeStops could temporarily turn into Centers.


While it’s very rare for Niantic to listen to fan suggestions, they did respond when players boycotted the recent reduction of PokeStop interaction distances, so who knows, they might hear calls for a Pokemon Center in the future!