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Pokemon Go March 2021 Community Day – date & start time, Shiny Fletchling, more

Published: 16/Feb/2021 21:25

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go’s March 2021 Community Day will focus on popular X & Y bird Fletchling. The limited-time event will also feature the Shiny debut of Talonflame, Special Research, 3x XP bonus, and more.

After teasing fans with a mysterious set of footprints, Niantic has revealed that next month’s Community Day will celebrate Gen VI’s Fletchling. Trainers will no longer have to wait to get their hands on a Shiny version of the bird.

The one-day event will not only give players a chance to score a Talonflame with an exclusive move, they can also stack up on XP with special bonuses and rewards. Here is everything you need to know.


Screenshot of Shiny Fletchling in Pokemon Sword & Shield.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go fans can finally get their hands on a Shiny Fletchling during the March Community Day.

Pokemon March Community Day date & start time

Every month, Niantic hosts a six hour Community Day meant to bring people together to catch ‘mon with boosted spawn rates. March 2021’s event will highlight beloved Kalos bird, Fletchling.

The limited-time celebration officially kicks off on March 6 at 11:00AM and runs until 5:00PM local time. Trainers who log in during that time will see increased spawns of the Normal/Flying-type monster.

Fans will want to use the special day to try to find a Shiny version, which can be evolved into a Talonflame that knows Incinerate. Players will also get a 3x XP bonus for each Fletchling they catch, making it a perfect time to grind your Trainer Level.


Screenshot of Shiny Talonflame in Pokemon Sword & Shield.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Talonflame’s evolved during Community Day will know Incinerate.

Bonus & Rewards


  • Evolve Fletchinder:  A Talonflame evolved during the 6 hours will know Incinerate.
  • Snapshots: Take a picture during Community Day to get photobombed by Fletchling.
  • In-store bundle: 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, a Poffin, & an Elite Fast TM for 1,280 PokeCoins. One time purchase.
  • Special Research: Fletchling Community Day–exclusive story, The Bravest Bird for $1.


  • Boosted Spawn rates:  Fletchling as well as a chance to encounter a Shiny.
  • 3x Catch XP
  • Incense: Incense used during the even will last for 3 hours.

While on the surface Fletchling might not seem too exciting, its third evolution Talonflame is one of the best Pokemon in Go’s meta. Trainers will not only get a chance to secure a Shiny version of the Falcon, but they can evolve one knowing the powerful fast move Incinerate.

The limited-time event will also give players the perfect opportunity to grind up their Trainer level to reach the new level 50 cap. Since those participating will already be catching hundreds of the Kalos bird anyways, it’s pretty much free 3x XP. Use a Lucky Egg on top of that, and you will be gaining  an insane amount of experience.