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Pokemon fan’s scarily accurate Unite prediction resurfaces 7 years later

Published: 16/Aug/2021 0:38

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon community was stunned after discovering a fan had predicted Pokemon Unite over seven years ago. The Trainer’s viral concept is so accurate, it’s scary!

Although the idea of a Pokemon MOBA was first introduced to the world in 2020, one fan’s post from 2014 predicting Pokemon Unite has gone viral.

The Trainer’s vision for a Pokemon multiplayer was exactly what the TiMi Studios free-to-play title ended up being over seven years later in 2021.

Pokemon Unite HD wallpaper
The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
A Pokemon fan predicted Unite years ago.

Pokemon fan predicted Pokemon Unite 7 years ago

Trainer ‘JustCallMeCJ’ went viral on the r/Pokemon forum when they revealed that they had actually pitched a Pokemon MOBA concept years ago. “One of my first Reddit posts. I was just a bit ahead of my time,” the fan exclaimed.


A screenshot of the seven-year-old social media post showed that the user had written “How awesome would Pokemon be as a MOBA? Think about it. Pokemon have 4 moves, and most MOBA follow a 4 ability set.”

Impressively, the user also predicted Held Items being used to upgrade stats, as well as Pokemon maxing out at level 15 in matches. “I know there is some holes in the idea, but I think it sounds awesome,” their 2014 post concluded.

One of my first Reddit posts. I was just a bit ahead of my time. from PokemonUnite

The Pokemon community was floored by just how accurate the poster’s concept ended up being to Pokemon Unite in 2021. “That is surprisingly close to what we got,” a fan wrote. Another shocked fan said, “Yeah I almost thought it was fake because it’s basically spot on.”


One comment even joked, “Does tencent own part of reddit? What of they mine posts for free ideas?!”

Pokemon Unite fans react to 7 year old prediction

Although JustCallMeCJ wasn’t sure about how a Pokemon MOBA would handle lane towers, another user pointed out his guess on that was also accurate.

“Unintentionally close about towers. Exactly right, we got holes for towers,” they wrote, referencing the three goal zones in each lane.

Reddit Pokemon react to Pokemon Unite predicted in 2014.

When asked what they felt about Pokemon Unite fulfilling their dream game from years ago, JustCallMeCJ responded,  “It’s close to what I wanted. I stopped playing league long ago so I’m happy it’s a little bit lighter.”

While lucky guesses aren’t that special, the user’s insanely accurate concept for what the Game Freak series could be like as a team-based multiplayer is just downright scary.