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Pokemon fan freaks out after girlfriend “sells” Pokemon card collection in brutal TikTok

Published: 28/Aug/2021 21:15

by Meg Bethany Koepp


A TikToker trolled her Pokemon card collector boyfriend with a cruel yet hilarious prank where she “sold” off his rare collection for a fraction of what it’s actually worth.

In 2020, Pokemon card prices skyrocketed as YouTubers and Twitch streamers opened up vintage booster boxes to try and score rare cards. This inspired many fans to dig out their childhood collections to see if they owned any worth money – with some selling for as much as a sports car or even a house in some cases.

Over on TikTok, a mischievous girlfriend went viral after she pranked her partner by pretending to sell their decades-old collection for nowhere near what it would actually go for. We can’t imagine how they felt in that moment – truly heartbreaking, but also hilarious at the same time.


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Some Pokemon cards can sell for thousands.

Girlfriend “sells” Pokemon card collection in brutal TikTok prank

User ‘isabel_vargas98’ uploaded her TikTok troll on August 26, with it garnering over 1.6 million views at the time of writing. “Selling my mans Pokemon cards on my private story with only him in it,” she captioned the clip, before showing a Snapchat screenshot of her flicking through her boyfriend’s card collection, writing “selling this Pokemon collection for $150 HMU” and another saying “most expensive Pokemon card case with cards $200.”

If you look closely at his binder, there’s a Base Set Charizard there, which is worth more than $150 alone, though it’s unclear whether it’s the 2016 Evolutions one since there are other cards from the set. So it’s no surprise that he freaked out at the thought of his precious cards being sold off for way less than they’re worth. You can almost hear his heart crack.


“aye chill tf out,” he responded to the private Snapchat, not realizing his girlfriend hadn’t actually posted publicly. “you better delete this s**t dude, that’s way more than $200.”


oops 🤭 #fypシ #pokemon #prank

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That wasn’t the end of the brutal prank, either. A day later on August 27, isabel_vargas98 posted another TikTok captioned “I did something else… I’m in big trouble.”

In it, she shows a Snapchat she sent her boyfriend of her holding a selection of cards against an addressed envelope, and another picture of her dropping it into the mailbox.

“bro stop playing with me,” he replied, alongside a host of angry emojis. “you better get inside that mailbox and look for my package and bring it back before I get home.”



Reply to @jackie.palomino I did something else… I’m in big trouble 🥲

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While just a prank, many of us can no doubt sympathize with the girlfriend’s partner because messing with someone’s Pokemon cards is no joke! If something happened to our collection, we’d probably cry.

Still, it’s all in good fun and no actual cards were harmed in the making of the TikTok… We hope.