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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake names “leak” – but are they real?

Published: 15/Feb/2021 1:28

by Brent Koepp


A new viral rumor claims that the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl remake names have “leaked” online. However, many fans of the Game Freak RPGs aren’t buying it.

As we inch closer to Pokemon Day on February 27, “leaks” have been flooding the internet about what Game Freak might announce for the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

A new rumor claims that Diamond & Pearl remakes are not only real, but that their name and logos have been leaked online. Most fans believe the viral post to be a fake, though.

Screenshot of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Legendaries.
Game Freak / Pokemon Company
Pokemon fans really want a Diamond & Pearl remake.

Supposed Pokemon Diamond & Pearl names “leak” online

Before we jump into things, it should be stated to take everything with a major grain of salt. While past games have leaked online before their official announcement, there is a lot of questionable aspects surrounding this latest rumor.


A post on social media went viral on February 13 when an image was uploaded that showed the titles and logos for what is supposedly the Gen IV reimaginings. “Sky Diamond” and “Ocean Pearl” are the supposed names of the remakes, according to the picture.

Along with the alleged titles are red pearl and blue diamond logos with Japanese font that looks awfully similar to the ones used for Gen 8’s Sword & Shield in 2019.

The “leak” was immediately met with criticism from fans who thought it was fake. “Sky and Ocean makes no sense to describe time and space,” a user wrote. One fan explained, “I believe they’re fake, it’s missing the symbol of the main feature of the game.” Another comment read, “Why would it be sky diamond and ocean pearl??? The purpose of Dialga and Palkia are the avatars of time and space.”


Screenshot of Pokemon fans disputing Diamond & Pearl fake leak.

The names were also met with memes, such as a user who joked, “These sound like hack rom titles for Pokemon GBA roms hahaha. These have to be fake.” Not everyone dismissed the image, though. “I mean, the Hoenn remakes are literally called Alpha-Omega,” another fan pointed out.

Screenshot of Pokemon fans debating Diamond & Pearl rumor.

So is it fake? Probably. As many users pointed out, the name doesn’t add up when you really think about it. And the logo looks way too minimal to be real. But on the other hand, Game Freak have used some pretty whacky titles in the past.

Many fans were sure that Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were fake when they leaked due to the unusual branding. If nothing else though, the images blowing up is proof that the community desperately wants a Gen IV remake. Will we finally get it on February 27th’s Pokemon Day?