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Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer reveals new Scyther evolution and combat

Published: 28/Sep/2021 14:59 Updated: 28/Sep/2021 17:08

by Sam Smith


Game Freak has treated us to a brand new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer. This latest offering shows off some of the game’s features and newest creatures to catch.

While Pokemon Legends: Arceus won’t be with us until the January 28, 2022, this hasn’t stopped the hype. The developers have now treated Pokemon fans with an all-new trailer showing off some of the game’s key features – and some nifty new Pokemon.

The trailer gives us some more insight into how people and Pokemon interacted during that era of the game’s universe. Pokemon Arceus: Legends is set centuries before the primary game series. It’s a a time when people were still learning how to tame and work alongside the intelligent critters.


Pokemon legends arceus combat
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Combat in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is radically different from previous games.

Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer details

The trailer reveals the Wardens, a group of early Pokemon trainers who are likely responsible for themselves and humans living together in harmony after the game’s events. We imagine their philosophies will become standard practice by the time the credits roll.

Combat is also shown in more details and resembles Final Fantasy 12 in many ways. This game was also significant, as like Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it led the series’ transition into a more open-world and free-lowing style of combat.

We also suspect the game will heavily connect to the upcoming Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes that will release on November 19, this year. The titular Pokemon, Arceus, is very important to the mythology of the whole Pokemon world, so we look forward to seeing how this character will factor in – and if what we know about him so far is true or myth.


The trailer also shows off some new gameplay mechanics including the in-game menus, customization options, tech and creative new ways to catch wild Pokemon. Riding the creatures also returns and apparently, you can catch other Pokemon while riding others! The trailer also drops hints that Team Galaxy weren’t always a force for evil – but quite the opposite.

Other high-points of the trailer include the reveal of Kleavor – a ‘Noble Pokemon’ who looks to be an evolution of gen 1 mon Scyther. The Noble Pokemon are likely to be this game’s legendaries. It will be interesting to see if this concept will continue in future games or if the Nobles are missing from the world due to events that transpire in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.