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How to get the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

Published: 9/Mar/2021 13:26

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl players might be wondering if it’s possible to get the National Pokedex, and if so, how to actually unlock it. We’re here to answer those questions with a simple guide.

There are plenty of iconic Pokemon to battle and catch in Gen IV games Diamond and Pearl, and many of them like the Steel/Psychic-type Beldum and the incredibly rare Munchlax will require a little extra effort for trainers to find.

It’s definitely worth spending the time to encounter them all, though, as doing so will help you unlock the National Pokedex, which brings hundreds more Pokemon into your Diamond & Pearl Pokedex for a huge post-game challenge.


With highly-anticipated Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remasters coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2021, here’s how you can unlock the National Pokedex in the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Dialga Palkia
The Pokemon Company
You’ll need to encounter Dialga and Palkia to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex.

What is the National Pokedex?

When trainers begin their Pokemon Diamond & Pearl journey, their Pokedex will be limited to the Pokemon that naturally appear in the Sinnoh region. This is the same for the expanded Gen IV game Platinum.

However, as players progress through the game, they’ll eventually be able to unlock the National Pokedex. This is a complete Pokedex that features every ‘mon from previous generations, such as Bulbasaur and Totodile.

Pokemon Sinnoh Pokedex
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
Completing the Sinnoh Dex will unlock the National Dex.

How to get the National Pokedex in Diamond & Pearl

In order to get the National Pokedex in Diamond and Pearl, trainers will need to encounter every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Fortunately, you don’t need to catch ’em all, as seeing them either in battle or in the wild is enough.


It should be noted that you’ll need to finish the game’s main story to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex, as that’s the only way to encounter the game’s Legendary Pokemon including Dialga (#149) and Palkia (#150).

Once you’ve finished the Sinnoh Pokedex, follow these steps to get the National Pokedex:

  1. Make sure you’ve completed your Sinnoh Pokedex.
  2. Fly to Sandgem Town.
  3. Head to Professor Rowan’s laboratory at the top of the town.
  4. Speak to Professor Rowan.
  5. Professor Oak will appear and hand over the National Pokedex.

The National Pokedex adds more than 300 new Pokemon not originally seen in the Sinnoh region. This is where the game’s real challenge begins: Can you complete Diamond and Pearl’s entire National Pokedex?