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Kid’s heartwarming Pokemon Shiny Charizard unpacking is winning the internet’s heart

Published: 20/Mar/2021 5:20

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


An adorable video of a little girl pulling an ultra-rare Shiny Charizard in a Pokemon TCG Booster Pack has gone viral, and her priceless reaction is melting the internet’s heart.

Pokemon TCG booster pack openings have been a popular trend in 2021. It seems like almost everyone is trying to get their hands on ultra-rare valuable cards like Charizard, which sells for $350,000.

It’s sparked mixed reactions, with some people like Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp calling it “stupid” and others like Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek, who thinks it’s “cool.”

However, when it’s a wholesome video of a cute little girl opening packs for the thrill of it and getting excited when she finds a Charizard, it seems like everyone has the same reaction: It’s adorable.


Charizard Kanto Cup
Charizard and all his variants are some of the most sought-after cards in the Pokemon TCG.

A Reddit user named u/arkitnay posted the video in a thread on /r/PokemonTCG and provided some context. “To improve my daughter’s basic math skills, I taught her how to play the Pokemon trading card game last week,” he said.

“I made a deal that if she defeated me five times, she could open one of the collection boxes and the other after ten victories. She had her [fifth win] the other day and chose to open [the] Dubwool V [collection box]. Little did we know that there [was] a surprise waiting in [the second pack].”

“I wonder what’s inside this one,” said the little girl as she carefully snipped the pack open. After shuffling through six cards, she stumbled upon an ultra-rare Secret Rare Black Shiny Charizard V card.


But instead of the over-the-top reactions we’ve seen countless times from popular streamers, she adorably said, “it’s so sparkly,” and quickly moved on to the next card, “an energy of water.” 

My daughter casually pulling cards from r/PokemonTCG

PSA 10 versions of the Secret Rare Black Charizard V card sell for $1,500, which is impressive but pales compared to First Edition Charizards. However, that’s beside the point.

The internet was more infatuated with her infectious enthusiasm while opening the pack and her priceless reaction when she pulled the Charizard.

It reminded fans of the purity and innocent wonder they all experienced when opening booster packs in their childhood, and melted their hearts.