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How to get G-Max Copperajah in Pokemon Sword & Shield Dynamax event

Published: 14/Aug/2020 0:58

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Sword & Shield players who missed out on getting a G-Max Copperajah in the past are in luck as GameStop is giving Trainers a chance to catch the special monster again. Here’s what you need to know about the special Crystal Dynamax event.

The Pokemon franchise was ushered into eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield in November 2019. The Nintendo Switch title introduced new features to the series, such as Raid Battles and Dynamaxing.


In August, GameStop is teaming up with the popular RPG to host a special event in the USA where you can add a G-Max version of Copperajah to your team. Here is how you can get your hands on the character for free.

copperajah pokemon sword shield
Game Freak / Nintendo
The Gen VIII Pokemon can be caught this August with G-Max capabilities.

How to get G-Max Copperajah Pokemon

While some players have already caught the Steel-type elephant in past Raids or events, those who are still trying to complete their Pokedex are getting another shot at obtaining the special creature.

In the USA, GameStop is holding a “Special Crystal Dynamax Event” which will feature the Sword & Shield character. The promotion will run from the 14th to the 31st of the month.


In order to participate, players will have to go to their local store. Here is the steps you need to take to capture the G-Max Pokemon.

  • Download the Pokemon Pass. Apple users can grab it here. Android devices can snag it at this link
  • Go to your local GameStop from August 14–31, and use your GamePass app which will detect the store and give you a code
  • The code can then be redeemed as a Mystery Gift in Sword & Shield which will give you SGR 6879 Dynamax Crystal
  • Use the crystal in Sword & Shield to trigger the Dynamax battle featuring the G-Max Copperajah
raid battle pokemon sword shield
Game Freak / Nintendo
The GameStop hosted event featuring Copperajah will run until August 31.

While Europe already held the event, players in the US who have not yet caught the G-Max Steel-type will have another chance.

Despite releasing at the end of 2019, Sword & Shield is already the third fastest-selling title in the franchise. Proof that Pokemon has never been more popular.