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How to get Brave Nature Pokemon in Sword & Shield

Published: 18/Jan/2021 12:16

by James Busby


Whether you’re looking to win more competitive Pokemon matches or just wish to have the strongest monsters, you’ll want to utilize Brave Nature Pokemon in Sword and Shield. 

A lot of things define a particular Pokemon’s power in battle and there are a few things you can do to ensure it has the best advantage possible. Aside from kitting your favorite pocket monster out with the game’s best moves, you’ll also need to ensure you choose the right Nature. Of course, knowing which nature works best will largely depend on the type of Pokemon you wish to use. 


This can be a little tricky, given that there are a total of 25 Natures in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While each one comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses, many Pokemon trainers opt for Pokemon with the Brave Nature trait. Not only do these Pokemon hit incredibly hard, they can also give you a competitive edge in battle. 

What is Brave Nature?

Brave Nature Galarian Corsola
The Pokemon Company
Galarian Corsola is one Pokemon that benefits from Brave Nature.

To put it simply, Brave Nature Pokemon have a 10% increase in their attack stat and a 10% reduction in their speed stat. This makes them hit incredibly hard in battle, but can also make the chosen Pokemon more sluggish. 

For example, Corviknight is already fairly slow, so it won’t be impacted too much by Brave Nature’s 10% speed reduction. 


The Flying Steel type is also fairly tanky, enabling it to take a hit or two before being KOed. This makes it the perfect match for the added attack boost the Brave Nature gives it. Meanwhile, Pokemon who rely on their speed to deliver high-damage moves like Greninja will want to avoid choosing Brave Nature. 

How to get Brave Nature Pokemon?

Battle Tower Mints
The Pokemon Company
Feeding mints to your Pokemon is the easiest way to change its Nature.

If you want to change the nature of your Pokemon to Brave right away, then you can use a Brave Mint. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this below:

  1. Complete Pokemon Sword or Shield.
  2. Earn Battle Points via the Battle Tower (unlocked at the end of the game’s story) or via Mystery Gifts.
  3. Visit the Wyndon BP shop with your winnings.
  4. Purchase a Brave Mint.
  5. Apply the mint to the Pokemon of your choosing.

The other way to secure the desired nature for a specific Pokemon is to breed them until the baby gets the nature you’re looking for. If you wish to go the breeding route, you’ll want to find a Ditto or a female Pokémon that has a Brave Nature. 


Once you’ve done that, simply give this Pokemon an Everstone to hold. Pokemon holding an Everstone have a 50% chance of passing their Nature to their offspring, so this will help speed up the process. 

Now that you know how to get your hands on Brave Nature Pokemon, you’ll be able to unleash even more devastating attacks than ever before.